Thursday, March 5, 2015

On Eve Of Testimony In Kent Hovind Trial Son Eric Opens Up To Reporters

Kent Hovind is one of the leading lights in the field of Young Earth Creationism, the notion that there is scientific evidence for a hyper-literal reading of the Book of Genesis. YEC implies that the world is roughly 6,000 years old and dinosaurs and humans must have co-existed.  Nearing the end of a long sentence for tax related crimes, Hovind finds himself on trial this week for fraud and contempt of court related to filings on properties seized in connection with his first conviction.  His co-defendant Paul John Hansen was the trustee of Creation Science Evangelism, Hovind's ministry. Hansen challenges the authority of the government in many areas, including the right to bring him to trial in the federal court in Pensacola.

Abigail Megginson, a student at Pensacola State College in her second piece on this venue, scores a journalistic coup as she gets Kent's son Eric to speak on the record.  Eric is scheduled to testify tomorrow limiting what at he could say. Eric's ministry Creation Today appears by all accounts to be run in a conventionally tax compliant manner.

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At the Drowsy Poet Coffee Shop in Pensacola Florida, Jonothan Shwartz, PBS filmmaker, and I met with Kent Hovind’s son Eric Hovind. The interview included Eric's opinion about the trial in general and his relationship with the defendant, his father. After grabbing some coffee and breakfast, the rest followed.

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Outside as we were taking some pictures, Hovind complained about Peter Reilly making fun of creationism on his blog. Later though, he commended Reilly on being a neutral source that only looks at the facts.

He expressed his hopes that he would love to see nova style programming for what he does (creationism education).
When told about the PBS documentary “Faith in the Big House,”Eric seemed very interested and was eager to watch it for himself since his father has been a Christian in prison for so many years.

Something that came up in the interview was Eric's confusion with the U.S government’s logic in all of this.

The very idea of the reason the government came after my dad this round, even last round, but this round is because he filed liens that made the government do more work, so and cost the government money so what they’re gonna do in response is a whole lot more work in order to prosecute him in hopes that they can put him in prison and cost the government more money,

When asked about the family financial collusion, Eric seemed uncomfortable and squirmed in his seat as he tried to avoid more conversation on the topic.

Eric did say he feels the trial is a creative way to keep his father in prison.

He said during the first trial, he was never called to take the witness stand, yet he could not be in the court room.
Hovind said that he could have gotten the land he lived on cheaper at auction, but it was not worth the pain of moving off and then back onto the land.

When asked about some of the phone conversations used in court, Hovind was reluctant to talk due to his restrictions.
However, Eric Hovind didn’t mind talking about his relationship with his father and his decision-making skills.

I love my dad 100%.

While Eric Hovind’s actions and decisions are based on the Judge’s court order, his father has a different way to make his choices. Eric  says that the struggle has been that his dad has always believed he is right and thus bases all his reasoning on that. My dad believes he is right because of his world view.

He acts on the assumption that he is right and that this trial would be overturned.
My dad looks at the whole system and says, hang on, we as a country, here is where we were founded, here is what the truth is, Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion or the free exercise thereof.Like Disney is not under government when they. They have their own do their permits they have their own law enforcement.

Eric also stated that the Vatican has their own church hierarchy and corporations sole. People accused Kent of abusing corporation sole, but Eric claims his father was doing it the right way. They were doing the exact same thing that the Roman Catholic Church does. Eric stated the problem was that the government didn’t want to recognize them.
He believes the Roman Catholic Church doesn’t want competition.

Eric is most frustrated by the haunting feeling that his father might be right and the fact that he will have to live as if he’s not. Eric also stated that he has no inheritance because his father made a vow of poverty by giving all he has to the ministry.  On the whole, Eric was very supportive of his father. He stated that his sincerity has been demonstrated by the years Kent Hovind has spent in prison.

 “He was genuinely trying to be lawful, no doubt about it,” Eric Hovind said.

There is a sense that Eric feels his Father is right, yet he doesn’t think his decisions are based on what’s really going on. As if Kent Hovind is basing all of his decisions on what he wants or thinks should happen.

Eric Hovind concluded the meeting to meet with his father’s attorney, Thomas Keith, in preparation or tomorrow’s trial.

18-year-old Abigail Megginson is an up-and-coming journalist from Pensacola, Florida. She is currently the editor-in-chief of her college newspaper (Pensacola State College’s The Corsair) and is looking to break into broadcast journalism.


  1. Eric loses even more credibility by the way he handled that interview, in my opinion.

    It seemed to be a bit of softball engagement, in my opinion.

    It is interesting that the location appears to be where Jo worked during her probation.

    She was told she could not work in the family business and so wound up at the Drowsy Poet which, as I recall, has a manager or owner/operator that runs a church out of it.

    I would have liked to have Eric pressed to deal with the "rape" allegation regarding Judge Rodgers since Eric is a material witness and may be involved in the promotion of that effort.

    I would have liked for him to have been pressed to deal with other matters as well, but I am glad to at least have as much as can be gotten out of him.

    Maybe we will be hearing more later.

    1. the mentally ill ex irs agent living in a basement admits he lies on purpose, was recently caught harassing a child and protects his criminals buddies in the irs speaks again!

    2. Speaking of lying, did you listen to Kent Hovind order Eric Hovind to hide assets?

      If it's God's RV then why is the title in Kent Hovind's name?

  2. "Disney is not under government when they . . . have their own do their permits they have their own law enforcement."

    Wow, Eric Hovind is as nutty as his father. Completely detached from reality.

    Sorry, Disney has to apply for permits to build, obey fire codes and pay taxes. So do all Christian theme parks, like Heritage USA. Private security is not the same as "law enforcement." Local police can and do enter Disney property and courts have jurisdiction over the property. It is also registered as a business with the government and does payroll tax.

    Whereas, the Vatican is on a different continent and has its own government with a police force, courts and is recognized by the international community as a country.

    Not only is it considered its own country in 2015, but it has been that way for about 2,000 years! To compare a government that at one time was the largest empire in the world and has survived for nearly 20 centuries, to Hovind buying Florida land in the 1990s and refusing to abid by the law, is ludicrous.

    As for the vow of poverty, Kent Hovind's organization loaned Eric $70,000 for him to build a home (Source: ). That is according to a legal filing Eric made to the federal court.

    If this was God's money and Kent took vow of poverty, then why is Kent amassing tens of thousands of dollars in accounts he controls? And why is Eric spending it on himself?

    Kent Hovind claims he wasn't in charge of the "trust" and the property's not his too. Then why has he been filing claims to get it under his name and in his possession?

    If this is God's money and property then made he's pissed at the Hovinds for taking it and putting their names on it.

  3. I need to research it, but I think there actually is a point to the Disney thing. Walt was very upset about all the crappy things that sprung up around Disneyland so he wanted a big buffer when he built Disney World. As I understand the story huge tracts of ag land were optioned under different nominee trusts to avoid running up prices and all the options were exercised at once creating a huge enclave. I think they cut some sort of deal so the are their own county or at least municipality. I'll have to look into it more unless some other reader can weigh in.

    I have written about the problem with corporation sole for one man ministries. A lot of people get in trouble with it, because it becomes impossible to distinguish between the property of the ministry and the minister. It makes sense in hierarchical churches because the office holder has an earthly superior. Kent and I actually discussed that when I interviewed him.

    1. [Part 1]

      I know about Reedy Creek and figured he was talking about. His assessment is wrong, no matter how it is sliced.

      Disney World is in the jurisdiction of Orange County and the US Middle District Court of Florida. The Orange County Sheriff's Office and deputies do NOT work for Disney in any capacity.They are not selected by Disney. They are not paid by Disney.

      Moreover, there is actually a sheriff's office onsite at Disney World. Furthermore, Orange County and Osceola County deputies patrol the Reedy Creek roads because the roads are in Orange County and Osceola County!

      Orlando and the rest of Orange County law enforcement aren't Disney's private police. The sheriff, like every other one in the country, is elected by the more than one million people in the county.

      Let's be clear: Disney has to get permits from Orange County, just like Hovind needs permits from Escambia County. Just look at Disney plans for a new attraction. The public knows about it because they need government approval. Just a few weeks back:

      Here I tracked down one the permits for demolition. Please note it is Disney requesting permission from Lake Buena Vista, Orange County:

    2. [Part 2]

      Hovind's analogy is not just bad, but his facts are straight out wrong. Not just minor details (like permits and police), but large glaring arguments (like comparing oneself to Disney)

      If Eric Hovind wants to be like Disney, let's see him have the Escambia County sheriff build an office on his property as Disney has.

      Sometimes, Peter, you bend over backwards and assume that the Hovind's are being honest and know what they are talking about. This is annoying because its against the evidence.

      You can hear Kent Hovind and Eric's phone calls recorded by the jail where they work together to deceive law enforcement and hide assets ( ). You can read where Eric Hovind agreed not to sell a debate, but he did anyway and he talks to PZ Myers about it ( ).

      There is a vast body of literature that shows neither Hovind accurately represented details about law, government and science. Yet, you so want to believe their words are naiveness, rather than dishonesty, that you allow yourself to following their red herrings instead of focusing on the actual issues.

      What is heart of Eric Hovind's Disney analogy? That, like Disney, Kent Hovind registered as business with the government, allowed law enforcement on the property and paid payroll tax?

      No, he did none of those. The point of the analogy is simply to change the subject away from Hovind's criminality. Rather, than focus on Hovind's crimes he uses false statements about something else to shift attention elsewhere. The Hovind family does this with science and they do this with government.

      Peter, your analysis at Forbes would be a lot sharper if you stop letting yourself get sucked into the Hovind logical fallacies, including red herring, reductio ad absurdum and non sequitur. You do good work, but sometimes you can't see the forest through the trees.

      Not like it matters, because Eric is wrong, but the wikipedia article you cited has three sources of which only one has an active link which goes to the Reedy Creek Fire Department union website. It's not a good reference.

    3. Thanks. I knew that there was something to the Disney reference, just did not know how much - figured not much.

      I know it might be kind of pointless to hunt down their stuff what with the Gish Gallop technique, although I was pleased to find Kent's three letters (credit Bob Baty) send them to Rudy and have Kent authenticate them, because the letters actually prove that Kent is a tax protester relying on Irwin Schiff type arguments, something which he always denied.

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

  4. More on Disney

  5. Here is the Disney story.

  6. former police officer at NYC says there is absolutely no evidence, unrelated crap - this trial is bull

    1. Is this George Lujack the same NYPD officer sued for violating someone's constitutional rights?

      Well, I'm convinced by his statement. After all, if one former cop said something we should all call the US Supreme Court to release Hovind.

      Oh wait, this guy, George Lujack, is just another conspiracy theorist, who has made such intelligent comments as: "Catholic pope John Paul II died a sick, helpless, feeble man. He was ordered by doctors in his latter years to eat a vegetarian only diet. John Paul II ate pork intestines for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pork intestines gave him Lukemia and other blood disorders that took his life."

    2. Yeah, I am George Lujack, the NYPD officer who was sued for "violating someone's 'Constitutional' rights." My part in this, was writing a report from someone who was raped and gathering evidence of the alleged rape, and said evidence was used to arrest Mr. Kester Sandy, who was ALREADY IN PRISON for a non-related rape. All I did as the officer first on the scene was take a report, in 2007, gather the evidence, and I was done. Detectives afterward, in 2009, charged Mr. Sandy, already in prison at the time and currently still in prison, with an additional rape charge. For whatever reason (I do not know why), the further charges were dropped.

      The reason I do not know why the additional charges were dropped, was because I RETIRED FROM THE NYPD IN 2007, shortly after writing the report and gathering the evidence for the rape that occurred.

      Yeah, genius, I violated Mr. Sandy's (convicted rapist making a frivilous lawsuit) rights!

      Mr. Sandy's lawsuit was thrown out and I was never summonsed to court, but if I had been, it would be a little difficult to prove I violated anyone's rights by writing a report, gathering evidence, and then retiring a month or two later, having never met Mr. Sandy ever.

  7. The Drowsy Poet! If only Meggison had known! There is a rumor that it was some of Kent Hovind's -- er, *God's* -- squirreled-away CSE money that was used to establish the coffee shop in 2006, which opened in 2007, about the time the Lord also loaned Eric Hovind $70,000 to buy a house there by the amusement park. The owner of The Drowsy Poet, William Naldony, is Vice President of Eric Hovind's Creation Today, and on the Board of Directors of Hovind's GodQuest non-profit organization. The Drowsy Poet is where Jo Hovind worked after her release.

    1. But that can't be right. God loaned Eric that money about 2000.




      From: Jo Hovind

      One of the biggest things that they emphasize is to find a job.

      I fully expected to work at our ministry when I arrived here, but I was told that I would not be allowed to work in the ministry while at the Halfway facility.

      Then I was offered job with a computer specialist, but because the ministry was one of his accounts, I was denied working there by the facility administration also.

      I was told that they really preferred me working somewhere where no one even knew my family!

      My faithful heavenly Daddy, God Almighty, again came to my rescue, providing me a job at a coffee shop called The Drowsy Poet.

      ...while you are at it, stop by and buy a cup of the best coffee you've ever had!

    3. Somehow that doesn't sound quite so sincere now, does it, Robert?

  8. We should pray for Hovind and especially his wicked persecutors. Let us pray that the Lord would soften the hearts of these poor twisted souls spending their time attacking an innocent man and baying for his blood like rabid wolves.

  9. the truth of the matter is #FreeKent & Coach Dave:

    1. Aside from “Coach” Dave Daubenmire's errors, are you the same anonymous person trying to link the prosecution of Kent Hovind to a certain depraved man in some weird guilt-by-association?

      If so, do you know what “Coach” Daubenmire's son, a former school teacher, was convicted of? Read:


      “Coach” Dave is no coach. Schools don't want him.

    2. nice try strawman. i am talking about #FreeKent