Monday, March 2, 2015

Hovindicators At Pensacola Courthouse - Not An Army - Not Even A Platoon

Enough has gone on at and around the Kent Hovind trial today to merit a post, but the Forbes site is having one of its periodic issues.  Either that or the Jesuits are suppressing it.  So the round-up is here on my alternative site, which will probably be all Doc Dino all the time for the next couple of weeks.

I'm happy to report that the scene on the streets of Pensacola near the courthouse was fairly peaceful.  The Hovindicators have not managed to have an army of boots on the ground.  As a matter of fact, they have barely managed an over-strength squad.  (In the Army table of organization that I learned in the sixties at Xavier High school, an infantry squad had ten men.  Maybe its different now.)

Rudy Davis was of course at the scene.

I was glad to see the brown leather jacket that really helps carry on the Gus Grissom look. I'm trying to figure out if the guy in the robe around 0:20 is a holdover from Pensacon. Rudy was pretty calm but he did get a little excited as security became more active

Hovindicator in chief and Kent's consigliere, Ernie Land, was also present.

 Street preachers were also there inspiring the crowd

Ronald Brock, a previously unknown Hovindicator rounded out the interviews that Steven Gray was able to film pre-trial

In The Courtroom

According to the audio reports on LoneStar1776  bibles could be carried into the courtroom, but not opened, proving once again in the Hovindicaiton world view that Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers is altogether wicked. The Hovindicators also noted that the judge managed the jury selection and was particular in instructing the jury that it was their job to determine the facts and the judge's job to determine the law.  Hovindicators who believe in jury nullification are disturbed by that notion.

Someone was hoping to file an amicus brief with exculpatory evidence, but was turned away.  I'm sure Bob Baty will be disappointed in not having additional reading matter after he is done with Paul Hansen's motions.

Overall Analysis

I was surprised at how low the Hovindicator turnout was.  I didn't expect thousands, but I thought it would run into the scores anyway.  It appears that the jury selection is moving along at a pretty good clip.  Maybe they are waiting for Jonathan Schwartz to get to Pensacola before doing anything exciting.  We'll see.


  1. I was wondering if that guy on the steps talking to the security person is the guy that tried to file the amicus; those bundles he was toting maybe being the exculpatory information he had to clear Hansen and/or Hovind.

    They just can't stand that they don't get to make up the rules and enforce them according to their peculiar whims, and they refuse to play by the rules established by "we the people".

  2. The Hovindicators were unhappy that they couldn't take notes. However, it was during the voir dire, and there's always a concern that identifying characteristics of the jury could be noted down. That's probably why they were told not to open their Bibles--lots of space to make notes about Juror Number 7.

  3. Welcome to Hovindmania, and oh yeah, this is just day numero uno. No wonder Rudy's voice is so hoarse in his doofus jury selection rant.

  4. Today in Toronto, several hundred people who are upset about the closure of Everest College showed up at the Ontario Legislature. That was a protest.

  5. lol ouch this article hurts lol

    Jesus Christ and God are doing great things - if you don't know God you should turn to him, now.

    Supporters have received hundreds of emails of people around america and the world wishing they could partake in the peaceful assembly.

    if we could bus them in believe me that building would be surrounded with supporters who LOVE Christ and God.

    I pray you let Christ in your heart.