Friday, March 6, 2015

Dave Daubenmire Tells Some Truth About Kent Hovind Case - Whole Truth Not So Much

Coach Dave Daubenmire has given one of the best presentations of the Hovinidcation perspective that I have seen to date.

It works its magic by leaving many, many things out.  Among other things it leaves out that Kent's original conviction was not just for structuring or that Kent Hovind has relied on tax protester arguments and not filed individually for decades. Like most tax protesters he was not criminally charged with tax evasion. Not being charged with tax evasion does not constitute being conventionally tax compliant.  Hovind has a civil liability of over $3,000,000 that I don't think they have even tried to start collecting.  I discuss some of this in Has Kent Hovind Broken Any Laws.

The Coach actually alludes to the connection between Hovind's tax resisting as structuring if you really pay attention.

 Finally the lis pendens was not an appeal.  It was a filing at the county court house that had the effect in Hovind's words of being dog crap that it would be hard for the government to scrape off its shoe.  Hovind's appeal of his criminal conviction which led to the forfeiture had already been turned down.


  1. I posted the following over there, and have not gotten a response. However, Dee Holmes has also posted some comments over there and she's gotten some responses indicating the Hovindicators really don't like her much.

    (Begin my post.)

    Coach, I think you got it wrong!

    Want to talk about it?

    Robert Baty’s Structuring Proposal for Discussion
    Withdrawing less than $10,000 in a single transaction
    with the intent to evade bank reporting requirements
    is a violation of the law and regulations and was at
    the time of the Hovind withdrawals in question and
    was the legal standard used to convict Kent Hovind
    of “structuring”.

    Robert Baty - Affirm
    Daubenmire - (To Affirm or Deny)

    More particularly:

    (End my post.)

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