Sunday, January 24, 2016

Kent Hovind Accused Of Jesuit Vatican And CIA Infuence

Kent Hovind, being a Young Earth Creationist, is a believer in conspiracy theories.  YEC and conspiracy theories fit well together, because acceptance of YEC requires acceptance of a pretty far-reaching conspiracy implicating not just the life scientists who accept evolution, but also geologists and astronomers.

Jesuits To The Left Of Them, Jesuits To The Right Of Them

Sometimes Kent's supporters will think that I am part of the conspiracy.  When I interviewed Ernie Land, I gave him a hard time about the comments that were made by Hovindicators concerning Jesuits.  Growing up in the metro New York area, the brightest boy in every parochial grammar school would likely end up in one of the five Jesuit high schools in the region - the really bright ones ending up at Regis which was free.  I went to Xavier High School and followed on with the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester Mass, making me rather fond of Jesuits.

Anyway, my defense of the Society of Jesus, somehow translated into my having been a Jesuit for eight years, which would be like me claiming to be a Vietnam veteran, because our Junior ROTC program at Xavier had active duty soldiers just back from Vietnam on the faculty.

So I got a good laugh when Bryan Denlinger of King James Video Ministries accused Kent Hovind and Ernie Land of somehow being tied up with the Jesuits. Bryan's conspiracy meanderings are rather difficult to follow and unravel.  He talks about Ernie mentioning a company, which translates into Company and bingo the CIA is involved.

Doctor Dino Loses A Fan

Bryan seems like a nice enough guy and he is pained to have to reject Dr. Hovind, whose teachings he has valued,  And the reason he is doing that is because of Ernie, who has been involved in multi-level marketing.

The other reason I find this video irresistible is that it uses this very blog as a resource early in citing my post - Ernie Land, Kent Hovind's BFF, Comments On The Trial  .  All that they use it for are to establish that Ernie and Kent are buds, which is hardly a great revelation.  As an investigative reporter, I make a pretty good tax return preparer. I thought it was touching that Mrs. Denlinger had to explain to her husband what BFF stood for. (Best Friend Forever, for the texting challenged)

You can see comments from Ernie Land (Docfogg) , Rudy Davis (Lonestar1776) and George Lujack in the comments section, making it something of a Hovindication reunion site.

The Word From Ernie

Anyway, I thought this would be a good occasion to catch up with Ernie.  I interviewed him about a year ago in the midst of the run-up to Kent's last trial.  One of the things that Ernie and I had discussed was whether Kent might become what I have taken to calling "conventionally tax compliant".  I came up with that term to allow for the fact that there are people out there who believe that they are not breaking any laws, because they believe that the tax laws do not really apply to them or hardly anybody for that matter.

Well a year later, having beaten additional charges by a combination of conventional legal work and a bit of jury nullification, it seems like Kent may be headed in that direction.  Donations, not tax deductible, and other revenue from Kent's ministry is going to a Nevada corporation Creation Science Evangelism, Inc. which is owned by Ernie Land.  CSE is paying Kent and will be sending him a 1099.  Here is how Ernie describes the arrangement

Today, Kent Hovind is retired. He still travels and speaks on Creation, the flood, and now, ends times. He is a paid consultant, and speaker for Creation Science Evangelism, Inc.(CSE), a company, I formed, and have ownership of. CSE has royalty agreements on materials Kent Hovind has created, and continues to create. We are a for profit Corporation, and have hopes to for a not for profit to develop an education series on creation, the flood, and end times, as well as a park,  or campus, built around the science of these things, very futuristic. I am advising Kent to focus on these 3 areas in his speaking. He has the Constitutional right to speak out on any subject he wishes. He does speak on his utube official site about many of the atrocities America has fallen into, and yes, many are political, but again that is his freedom of speech being exercised.  Additionally, I have advised Kent to follow the C.P.A.’s advice on any tax filing, if it is even necessary due to his vow of poverty, and retirement. Most speaking engagements are in Churches, where people who give love offerings give to the Church who then makes payment to CSE, which covers his travel expenses and allows him to consult on projects CSE will develop in the future. Kent lives in a Pastoral home, owned by another Ministry, in his original location in Pensacola. Kent has produced dozens of seminars and books, which is where the royalty comes from that covers his day to day needs.  He educates people on Bible Creation and advances the cause of Christ with his dedicated works.
That other ministry is Creation Today, which is run by Kent's son Eric.  I get the sense that Kent's team is doing its best to keep him focused on creation and "end times".  In other catching up, Ernie tells me that Rudy Davis is back to his day job, which accounts, I would think, for his lower youtube productivity of late.

CSE is using a Top 25 regional CPA firm, which is probably the right fit if the enterprise is going to scale up.  There are some complicated issues to consider, like multi-state and the wise thing to do would be to be meticulous in compliance, which requires a good size firm.  On the other hand they probably would have a hard time with a large national.

Ernie does have an answer to Bryan's criticism of him.
I have no connections to the C.I.A., the Illuminati, the Jesuit’s, the Vatican, and never joined the Masons. I am a Bible believing, confessing Christian, raised as a Southern Baptist. Big Pharma doesn’t have any affection for me, because my Pharmacy (not insurance, but discount only) discount cards, actually reduce the cost of most medications at participating Pharmacies, and I freely give them away to anyone who has a need. I had to word that last sentence properly for legal reasons. It was MLM, and I do believe that business model is the best business model in free enterprise. I love that business because I have many testimonies where our senior citizens had to choose between needed medications and food prior to using my free card. The Bioperformance/Lowell Mims scam story being shared is a half lie. Yes, Bioperformance was attacked by the Texas AG, now Texas Governor, as a scam. The product proved to be a viable product in the Houston E.P.A. certified Lab under F.T.P., as lowering harmful emissions, and H.F.E.T., as increasing fuel economy, in these E.P.A. testing protocols. This  lead to a settlement by Texas, after which I started and owned, BPI Worldwide, a MLM company, marketing that very product. We had moderate success, but the negative public opinion stopped any real momentum. Lowell Mims, a Texas Evangelist, never recovered his reputation due to the public never being informed of the facts on this case. Lowell, like Kent is a very good, and Godly man.
Can't We All Just Get Along

You might think that people who believe that pretty much all the answers to life's questions can be found in one book - in the case of Kent and his more in sorrow than anger critic Bryan Denlinger that would be the King James version of the Bible, which they consider to be God's revelation to the English-speaking peoples -would be able to sort things out, but apparently it is not the case.

Kent has also been getting a lot of heat from believers in flat earth and geocentrism.

I think the problem is the tendency to think that people who don't agree with you must be either evil or deluded.  The Hovindicators tend to think that Robert Baty is getting substantial government support.  I mean the guy has a facebook page.  Really.  It is pretty thorough, but don't you think someone with unlimited money from the federal reserve could do a little better?

Anyway, it was nice to chat with Ernie again and I am glad that Kent is likely going to be conventional in his approach to taxes.  I'm thinking that I might go up to Maine to visit with Denlingers some time, but, you know, it's tax season, so I have to spend a lot of time at the day job.  The Jesuits seem to be focusing on getting Donald Trump elected.  Trump went to Fordham for two years.

I guess that's why they haven't been sending me any money.

Peter  J Reilly CPA writes on taxes for, which leaves him little time to devote to Your Tax Matters Partner.  When reading the bible, he tends to favor the King James Version because it sounds so, you know, biblical.  He attributes his career in public accounting to poor guidance at Xavier High School, which taught him many valuable lessons and exposed him to many inspiring men, who for the most part knew jack shit about business.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Where In The World, What In The World, Is Kent Hovind's "January Surprise"! -Guest Post By Robert Baty

I hate to admit that I'm back to following Kent Hovind again, but I find his videos irresistible, although I don't follow them as religiously as Bob Baty must.  Kent marked his 63 birthday by reviewing his life up to date in 21 year increments.  

The part that I really thought was interesting was how he glossed over his long struggle with the IRS in the time prior to his arrest for structuring.  So I contacted Bob who continues to run a facebook page on Hovind's legal issues to give my readers, who now number in the scores, and invited him to give us an update.- PJR

Not long ago, Kent Hovind was making numerous claims regarding something big that was going to happen in January 2016.

From his cryptic comments, it was to involve a blitz of media and political venues in promotion of Kent's efforts to keep up appearances for his alleged efforts to have his 2006 convictions overturned, structuring law repealed, and for him to receive millions in damages from the Government for his alleged false imprisonment.

Such efforts by Kent have been going on for years and are based in his continuing affections for things "sovereign citizen"; much like the folks who have recently been all over the news for having taken over, with arms, the Malheur Reserve in Oregon.

January 15, 2016 was reported to be Kent Hovind's 63rd birthday.

Kent has posted a video on his YouTube channel recounting his life, including false and/or misleading claims regarding his legal problems.  

Kent failed to provide an update on such things as his earlier reported "January Surprise", the recent return of his co-conspirator Paul John Hansen to Pensacola (to a half-way house to serve about 30 days before being beginning his Supervised Release next month), or the recent sentencing of their most famous jail-house convert to "sovcit nuttery", Shawn Thomas Stuller, to 20 years after trying to withdraw his plea deal and demand a jury trial.  Shawn Stuller was poised to get off rather lightly with his plea deal, but the influence of Kent Hovind and Paul John Hansen led him into the "sovcit nuttery" and it backfired when Shawn got 20 years.

Then there were 3!


Free Kent Hovind


Free Paul Hansen


Free Shawn Stuller

Paul John Hansen was recently heard to claim he has been speaking with Kent's man Ernie Land on a daily basis.

Officially, Kent is not allowed contact with Paul because they are both convicted felons and under supervision of United States Government while they finish out their sentences.  

Unofficially, it appears Kent may be violating the rules by using agents to communicate with and coordinate certain activities with Paul who appears to be continuing to promote the notion that he is going to be holding common law court in Pensacola to redress his grievance and maybe Kent's as well (kinda like the Oregon occupiers are trying to do).

All of that effort might have garnered more attention were it not for the fact that the Oregon "stand-off" is taking the spotlight on behalf of the militia/sovereign citizen promoters like Kent and Paul and so many of their followers.

We'll have to wait and see how Kent's "January Surprise" might come off.

At about the 22:40 mark in today's birthday video, Kent claims he has several people working on his case and claiming it is possible to get it overturned.  

Video Link:

ypically, Kent really does have secrets despite his denials and for no good reason keeps his secrets as he tries to let us know he has some nutters like himself willing to monetize the effort regardless of its frivolity.

In that video Kent, as is typical, says there are some "things you can do".  That translates to "send money"!

Kent has yet to admit to and accept responsibility for his criminal conduct and for sending his wife to prison.

Kent appears to me to be a brilliant man and is very good at what he does and much of what he does is raise money for his fantasies and middle-class lifestyle without having to pay taxes; though he owes millions for his past failures to play along with the normal, legal course of things.

From what I observe, Kent keeps his real self rather well hidden from the outside world.  What I see are his public performances which appear to me to be very well crafted to maximize his monetization of his renewed efforts to raise money for what he wants to do.  It seems to be working out rather well for him for the time being and as he begins 3 years of Supervised Release.

In my opinion, if Kent really didn't care about being a convicted felon for the rest of life and never again being able to buy guns and use them which he was so fond of doing, he would let it go for he has no good reason for doing what he is supposedly doing to supposedly try to get his 2006 convictions overturned, structuring law repealed, and collect millions in damages for false imprisonment.

Kent, to me, seems a bitter man who has pledged the rest of his life to pay back the Government for daring to call him to account for a few of his crimes and to keep from paying what he owes.

Maybe he will.
Maybe he won't.

I propose that Kent repent, admit his criminal history, admit to sending his wife to prison, and start truthfully explaining what he has been up to regarding such things.

I have 23 specific propositions, and Kent has repeatedly asked his adversaries to be specific, that I have presented to Kent and his people for consideration.  Kent has, to date, refused to come out to discuss them with me or send out his champion to discuss them with me.

See following link for a list of the 23 propositions, with meme representations:

Kent, I am still waiting; for you and your "January Surprise"!


I don't agree with Bob's analysis on some points.  Kent's fund raising efforts on-line are very soft sell and lack any sense of urgency.  He doesn't make it real easy to send him money.  Also Kent's presentations are heavily focused on religious matters.  He seems quite upbeat and not at all bitter.

I hate to say it, but I think that if Bob ever debated Kent, Kent would likely come out on top, although I may be selling Bob short there.  

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Raw Story Uses Video Editing To Defame Kent Hovind

Fond as I am of the guy, I can't fault people for being critical of Kent Hovind. David Edwards of Raw Story has gone over the line though in his recent post on Hovind.

I declared an end to L'Affaire Kent Hovind as a tax story back in August when his co-defendant Paul Hansen received a below-guidelines sentence.  I did mention Kent on in my annual round-up of high traffic posts. Standards on Your Tax Matters Partner are a little looser than, though, so I have something about Kent that I want to share that is really not tax related.

There was a post on Raw Story - Creationism evangelist: God put contradictions in the Bible to 'weed out' the atheists. Apparently David Edwards has been watching Kent Hovind's thriving youtube channel where he mainly answers bible questions.  The first sentence of the story is:

Young Earth creationism evangelist Kent Hovind asserted this week that God had purposefully put contradictions in the Bible to “weed out” non-believers.
They include a clip.  That runs 1:21.  I didn't notice it the first time I saw it, because I am old and slow-witted but forewarned is forearmed.  Watch closely at around 0:35.

At any rate, the reason I knew to look for that break was that I went back and watched the whole video from Kent's channel (Well the first fifteen minutes anyway)

The section that Raw Story excerpted from starts around 4:56 and runs to around 8:00 for a total of over 3 minutes of which Raw Story included less than half.  The part that Raw Story left out was Kent explaining why he did not think the particular passages from Acts under discussion were contradictions.  Kent's riff, included by Raw Story was about what purpose apparent contradictions might serve.  There is a bit of Hovind grandiosity there as he indicates that the heavenly father is doing things much as Kent would if he were the big guy, but Kent Hovind is not saying that there are contradictions in the bible,

You might want to stay for the next two sections.  There is a question from someone who wants to tithe to Kent's ministry and Kent's soft sell approach to donations is very refreshing.

 Next comes a flat earth question.  The flat earther attacks on Kent Hovind are really interesting.  I discussed them some here. What I find really intriguing is that Hovind responds entirely with scientific arguments that the earth is not flat..  He mentions that there are scriptures twisted to support flat earth, but he does not get into that.  He also theorizes that atheists started the flat earth stuff, which is classic Hovind conspiracy thinking.

Peter J Reilly is a tax blogger who has been following the Kent Hovind story for over three years.  He is one of the few people who have managed to piss off both Hovind supporters and Hovind detractors with his coverage.  It's a gift.