Monday, May 2, 2016

Kent Hovind And Attacks On Eric Hovind - Method In The Madness?

 Kent Hovind gets the ball rolling for his new bigger better Dinosaur Adventure Land in Lenox Alabama.

Attacks on Eric Hovind continue. When Kent talks about his dispute with Eric in interviews in the right wing bubble where the Hovindication movement was thriving - such as Joyce Riley.

Kent has a more in sorrow than anger tone, but the attacks on Eric by the crowd stirred up and egged on by Kent are vicious.

What Is The Plan?

I've been trying to figure out the rationale behind all this.  I don't understand why Kent is not telling his people to stop trashing his son. Stephen Anderson's attack is particularly creepy as he says Jo Hovind found another man to support her. I asked Ernie Land about it and he kind of dodged the question
I’ve worked for reconciliation for 9 months now. I know it is fear driven and based on Kent exercising his free speech to inform Americans about a corrupt evil Government establishment. That said, I am focused on the Ministry, it’s Kingdom work, and keeping it compliant.
I'm forced to conclude that the strategy is to suck the oxygen out of Creation Today and leave Eric no choice but to go to work for Kent.  The physical assets that Eric took over when Kent went to prison, cannot have very much value now and it is really foolish of Kent to publically claim that the CSE had a lot of valuable stuff, but what is really being contested is the value and the direction of the brand.

Sympathy For Eric

I don't know if it is an embarrassment to Eric, that the Hovindology community, which is of diverse religious views, but generally thinks that "creation science" is an oxymoron seems to be rooting for him.  On reflection, I suggested that he might want to consider public accounting.  Actually Kent himself seems to have the talent to be a managing partner, but you really don't want him doing tax research.

Dinosaur Adventure Land Details Details

Hovindologists are also wondering whether Kent intends to be getting building permits and insurance and stuff like that.  Ernie did not have much patience for questions like that

I plan to remain on the sidelines looking on at whatever he said, she said about the Ministries. Also I guess I need to be wary of speaking out on any questions, so tell you friend, who is highly likely atheist or IRS digging for mud to sling, they can check public information. The Corporate structure, permitting, insurance, and even taxation are things they are welcome to research in public information. I like Nevada Corporations in my businesses because they give some privacy. As to anything not public information I have zero plans of sharing so these naysayers, who are backbiters and gossipers and do nothing meaningful for society except stir up issues, can have an advantage of using. In fact let them all speak with our Attorney, Bible Believing Attorney, J.R. Hughes.
 Another interesting development is that someone unaffiliated with Kent has grabbed the name Dinosaur Adventureland in Alabama. Ernie hadn't been aware of that and thanked me for the heads up.

When it comes to the building permits, Kent might not have as many difficulties as he had in Pensacola.  Lenox Alabama is unincorporated.   It is in Conecuh County which had a population of 13,288 in 2010. At 850 square miles it is almost the same size as Escambia County which had almost 300,000 people in 2010.  It is going to be interesting.

Peter J Reilly CPA has been following the Kent Hovind story since 2012,