Saturday, July 30, 2016

Beer For Rudy's Horses

One of the things that other Hovindologists, the small band interested in the Kent Hovind chronicle, who are not supporters of Dr. Dino, find odd about me is my affection and admiration for Rudy Davis.  There are times when he makes it hard for me.  A recent piece he did is kind of over the top even for him.

The title is "Eight death penalty offenses once righteous judgment comes back to America".

The picture of the noose is a little off, because Rudy's preferred execution method is beheading, but if you listen to the podcast you will hear a sort of dystopian nightmare, that reminds me just a bit of the Handmaid's Tale

Really just the first phase.  The energy behind the podcast is more consistent with one of my favorites  by Toby Keith and makes the noose picture more appropriate and I think it captures a bit of the Rudy Davis spirit.

Grandpappy told my pappy, back in my day, son
A man had to answer for the wicked that he done
Take all the rope in Texas find a tall oak tree,
Round up all them bad boys hang them high in the street
For all the people to see
 Rudy believes that there is a war going on between patriots like himself and the corporate, as opposed to the organic, United States.  The enemies are  people who hate the United States of American, the Constitution and liberty.

In this video, he is looking forward to ultimate victory.  If when that happens, God grants him a role in dealing out justice, there will be quite a few executions.  That's the dystopian part that is playing out in my mind.  You might need a course like Conspiracy Theories 101 to follow along on this, but I'll let you do your own research.  Here are the people that will be executed after a fair trial under Justice Minister Rudy Davis of the Reformed United States of America.

1. People who were paid to participate in false flag events like Sandy Hook, Oklahoma City, etc
2.  Attorneys working for the "corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" who suppress exculpatory evidence.
3.  Although he doesn't name him it is pretty clear he is referring to President Obama.  Although if Ted Cruz had made it he might be included.
4. News media that have deliberately distorted the news to affect public policy
5. The people doing the chemtrails, even if their motives are pure.  Maybe fluoride in the water too.
6. People advocating to limit gun rights and force vaccinations
7. CIA and prison industrial people who have participated in torture.
8. People who have benefited from the fiat currency system the federal reserve.

I always admire Rudy's presentation.  In his summary when he says "Death penalty for you", he reminds me of the soup nazi.

Since Kent Hovind has often advocated wider application of the death penalty, I reached out to Ernie Land for comment but have not heard back.

I also reached out to Rudy to get a little clarification on some of the details and some sort of estimate of the post-restoration body count.  Here is his complete reply from two different e-mails.

Erin and I initially checked my father into an old folks home for help with his care.  A few months later my father John was approached by the administrator and she said it was the policy of the home to vaccinate all the residents.  My dad replied "Over my dead body."  The front office called me to come talk some sense into my father so that he could remain at the old folks home.  I went up to the old folks home after receiving the call and a short time later, my dad was living in my downstairs bedroom/kitchen.  I totally agreed with my dad's position on this issue. 
In regards to people trying to disarm the American public, I consider that an act of aggression and an act of genocidal war.  The documentary below makes the point and I don't even think the producer is a Christian.  Why is it so difficult for people to understand that you can't force their crap on others?  Our founders thought the second Amendment was so important that they made it #2 just behind #1.
In regards to how many forced vaccinators and gun grabbers would need to be executed..... Hmmmmm.....  Well, I think after I publicly beheaded the first ten gun grabbers and it became widely known that we are once again enforcing the US Constitution,  I believe the rest of the gun grabbers would become very quiet and there would be no need to execute the hundreds of thousands who are currently deceived.


People are free to advocate whatever they wish.  However once they have committed overt actions which are targeted to restrict American gun rights, then I believe that warrants the death penalty with a public beheading. An example would be if it is proven that Sandy Hook was a deceptive false flag event run by certain elements of the corporate United States, then I would push for the death penalty of everyone involved in the coverup and deception. Are you aware that there is a large portion of the public that don't believe we were told the truth about what happened at Sandy Hook?  I am one of those people. 

To be fair to Rudy, it is important to note that he is only advocating these executions after fair trials under a new legal regime. I did see somebody mention they would report his video to the authorities, but Rudy has been through that drill before.

Peter J Reilly CPA continues to have a certain admiration for Rudy Davis,