Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Clinic Escort Discusses Details Of 1994 Pensacola Abortion Clinic Murders

In conjunction with coverage of the Kent Hovind trial, Jonathan Schwartz and Abigal Magginson interviewed Bill Caplinger to get background on the religious atmosphere in Pensacola in the nineties and early oughts as Hovind's ministry was growing and he was becoming prominent.

One of the most traumatic events of that period was the murder of Dr. John Maynard and Lt. Col James Herman Barrett USAF, Ret by anti-abortion activist Paul Jennings Hill as Barrett was escorting Maynard to the Ladies Clinic in Pensacola on July 29, 1994 just a little over a year after the murder of Dr. David Gunn.

Bill Caplinger also served as a clinic escort during that period.  Barrett, like Caplinger, was a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Pensacola.

In the interview Bill reveals details of the circumstances of the events of that day that he has previously not discussed.

Here is a link to the full interview.


  1. Very interesting to learn about a time and a struggle from Pensacola history that I wasn't aware of, and very enlightening to see the similarities with the current situation. Certainly gives some insight into why Hovind doesn't have much local support for his current travails.

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