Monday, March 2, 2015

Filmmaker Heading To Pensacola To Cover Kent Hovind Trial

My friend Jonathan Schwartz of Interlock Media is on his way to Pensacola to cover the Kent Hovind trial.  Hovindicators are fond of attributing computer glitches and the like to agents of the New World Order sabotaging them.  Can there also be a vast right wind conspiracy that stranded Jonathan in Miami for the first day of the trial? As an investigative reporter Jonathan will be looking for the story behind the story behind the story.  Here is what he has to start us with.

I'm filmmaker Jonathan Schwartz, and last week Interlock Media's documentary, Faith in the Big House, which I directed, broadcast nationally on PBS.  This week, I am headed to Pensacola to contribute some observations on the Kent Hovind trial for fraud, contempt, tucking away assets and so forth. Our focus will not just concern the trial but on the on the cultural and spiritual milieu of this rather incestous town, that I will argue, hot housed what took place.  What the younger generation in Pensacola think of all this, from the most devoutly religious to the decidedly secular, I think will surprise most of you.

Rather interesting too that I ended up with quite the long layover in Miami courtesy of American Airlines own brand of internal logic and some global warming weather patterns. Down in Little Havana and Brickell there are cranes and shiny new buildings everywhere. Clearly, real estate, that which the Hovind trial is at least materially about, is blazing. So is religious tolerance, by necessity, as the internationalism and open plurality of this city is stunning.  I believe, esteemed reader, that I will find that Miami is not just geographically on the opposite end of the State from Pensacola.

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  1. You just never know what might happen when you hound a tax blogger about a story line!