Monday, March 2, 2015

Looks Like Kent Hovind Not Capturing Much Sympathy

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As the Kent Hovind trial enters its first day, I hear two voices inside me. (That's a metaphor, by the way, I don't really hear voices.  At least not very often.) One is my inner investigative reporter that hopes for the story that I have been covering for over two years to break into the mainstream.  I picture myself in a battle of wits with my possible cousin on Fox.  The other voice  is that of the inner good citizen that hopes that Kent Hovind's trial will go off very uneventfully with an outcome that is not very harsh on  Kent Hovind that cannot be plausibly considered a victory for the tax denial movement.

In the latter outcome Rudy Davis, Ernie Land, Wiley Drake and Dave Daubenmire will move on to other bat shit crazy causes.  Maybe Rudy will take up the cause of the Mercator projection and start preaching that those revisionist maps with a much larger Africa are the work of the Jesuits. There will be no more martyrs produced for the Christian community.

At the moment, it appears that the inner good citizen is the one who is happy.  Last night the conclave of Hovindicators under the blood of Jesus at the Red Roof Inn consisted of eight.  

By the count of Jonathan Schwartz there were 15 on the courthouse steps this morning including Rudy Davis.

What is encouraging about this is that it may well reflect that the religious right in the United States has a limit on bat shit crazy and that Kent Hovind is a bridge too far.  Reverend William Thornton who is my go to guy on all matters evangelical has not seen any Hovind coverage other than what I provided him.  So it may well be that Hovind ownership on the internet only encompassed a rather small echo chamber.

Nathan Zamprogno, a conservative Christian from Australia, has been watching the Hovindication struggle with horror.  He recently commented

On behalf of the overwhelming majority of Christians in the U.S and world-wide who think Kent Hovind is a creepy scam artist, and a tax-dodging thief, I want it known that the Alan Hoyles and the Ron Brocks, to say nothing of the Rudy Davises, the Ernie Lands and the Dan Bidondis... don't speak for us, and we're ashamed that they would claim the disguise of Christian faith in order to peddle their support for Hovind and defy the lawful government of the United States. Shame on them all.

It looks like "them all" is pretty small group, which is pleasing the heck out of my inner good citizen.

The reporter is staying on the story,


  1. get real live exclusive updates that are accurate at

    Little support, peter? lol
    18000 visitors to in last 30-days
    1200 visitors yesterday march 1st
    700 visitors today march 2nd (day isn't even over)
    15-20 visitors every 5 min.
    hundreds of emails in the US and around world showing kent support (people hating that they can not make it to court house because they have work)

    nice try peter.

    1. I run a pretty obscure tax blog, although on a prestigious platform. A lot of my stuff is pretty obscure and not that interesting to a general audience. It is tax. 1,200 visitors for me is a pretty crappy day. 18,000 in a month would bum me out incredibly.

      Mainly I was commenting on the low turnout at the courthouse though,

  2. Kent Hovind said the prison industrial complex and what they are doing to him was 'retarded'

    Then you got all offended/fluffy about that saying "please dont use the word retarded" or something to that effect.

    But it's ok for you throw around the term "bat shit crazy"? lol

    Are you retarded? Is that why you got fluffy/offended?

  3. Just because someone goes to a Web site to laugh at the delusional allegations doesn't mean that they "support" the same. Using that insane logic, everyone that goes to a governmentwWeb site supports Obama. /sigh

  4. I'm one of that 1200 who visited, and let me assure you it's not because I support or am in any way sympathetic to that clearly guilty, delusional scam artist.