Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hovind Family Drama - Real Creationists Of Escambia County

Hovindology is a terrible thing for a busy tax blogger to fall into. I have been following the drama of Young Earth Creationist Kent Hovind since the fall of 2012 when I wrote about the Tax Court decision in the case of his wife.


 If this is new to you, you might want to check out - The Trial Of Kent Hovind - An American Tragedy - which I wrote on the eve of his last trial not quite a year ago.  For a chronology of events through July 2015, go here.  As it worked out that trial never happened as the Government dismissed the charges that the jury had hung on in a previous trial and the judge reversed his conviction.

So Kent after finishing the sentence from the 2006 conviction joyously reunited with his family and went back to preaching using youtube as his primary venue but also traveling.  According to Ernie Land, Kent's long-term friend and advisor, there is a conventionally tax compliant structure in place.

Kent has been working on acquiring property in Alabama for a new Dinosaur Adventureland and there was promise of a new lawsuit against the government.  The latest though is an outbreak of squabbling in the Hovind family.

Trouble In Pensacola

When Jo Hovind filed for divorce, I didn't think that was something to write about.  Ernie Land, Kent's consigliere, wrote me that Jo was divorcing Kent due to legal advice and that he believed that she was motivated by fear of new efforts by the government to shut Kent up.  The legal advice struck me as plausible.  Kent getting out of further criminal charges does not solve the problem of the multi-million dollar civil liability for income taxes that fell on both him and Jo.  Being divorced from Kent would buttress Jo's efforts to get out from under that liability.

There is a new development that is likely at least tangentially related to the divorce.  Rudy Davis more or less broke the story on the internet as he requested his listeners to pray for the restoration of the Hovind family.

Apparently Eric is evicting Kent.  While Kent was in prison, Eric started another ministry Creation Today.  It seems to follow Kent's Young Earth Creationist line pretty well, although there may be nuances that I don't appreciate, but unlike the original Creation Science Evangelism, it was conventionally tax compliant.

Somebody Being Stubborn?

My great hope in this was that Kent would become conventionally tax compliant. The simplest way to accomplish that would have been for him to go on Creation Today's payroll for a modest salary and a housing allowance (or actual housing). That was not to be.

The original Dinosaur Adventureland/Hovind residence properties in Pensacola had been seized by the federal government to cover Kent's structuring forfeiture.  Most of the property was acquired by the Hovinds, although I have not tried to trace the precise ownership.  Things did not go that well for the non-Hovind fellow who acquired one of the parcels.

With the enormous civil liability hanging over his head it would not make sense for Kent to own any of it, but it appears that in his mind, it remains truly his.

Kent in this clip indicates that they conspired to take everything owned by CSE and he came "home to nothing". If I was involved in God Quest, I'd be pulling my hair out at Kent using God Quest facilities to bootstrap a new ministry.  Somebody is being stubborn.

A Better Way

Not far from where I live, there is Webster Lake also known as Lake Char­gogg­a­gogg­man­chaugg­a­gogg­chau­bun­a­gung­a­maugg. The likely apocryphal story is that it means "You fish on your side of the lake. I fish on my side of the lake.  Nobody fish in the middle."  I would expect that the sensible thing would be for a board member of the new Creation Science Evangelism, possibly Ernie Land, and a board member of God Quest Inc other than Eric to announce that the two organizations had reached an agreement on how they will each proceed in harmony for the greater glory of God (That might not be quite the right term.  My Jesuit education is coming out again. AMDG)

Ernie Land's Take

I managed to get some comments from Ernie Land on the situation.

On the divorce and eviction, he wrote:
The divorce was filed by Jo. Again her fear of regulatory agencies and Kent’s voice against the corruptions of Government in my opinion are the real bottom line basis. She tells me she was advised to divorce him for her own protection by legal counsel. The notice to vacate the home, which is owned by God Quest, Inc. is based on the divorce, and that boards opinion Kent should move out. I do not wish to input my opinions and make them public at this time, as I just want both Ministries to work together for Kingdom work. 
He elaborated a bit in a subsequent message
I compare what’s going on to Texas having 22 counties seeking a vote on secession, which the Supreme Court has declared illegal. If the elites in Government do not wake up it will not matter if it’s legal or not, because revolution by the people never requires the support of a corrupt governing body. Same between what took place with Kent, the original Ministry properties and what is going on now inside the family. They may have moved in a legal method, but just like corrupt governing bodies it may not be a Godly, moral, ethical, in method. I have little else to say until this all unfolds, other than there is much wrongdoing by multiple parties.
Hovindoligists Munching On The Popcorn 

I also reached out to the Hovindology community for comments, which are necessarily speculative.

Bob Baty, the most indefatigable of chroniclers of the Hovind saga and the one most troubling to the Hovindicators, wrote me.
Current events regarding Kent Hovind have tended to vindicate my coverage of his case, his wife's case, their relationship, and my claim that as King David was responsible for the death of Uriah so Kent Hovind was responsible for his wife having to go to federal prison.
Jonathan Schwartz of Interlock Media, who covered last years trial intensively, wrote:

As someone who had been covering Kent Hovind's recent legal woes up close and personal, I had come to know Jo and Eric a little bit, and respected both of them, despite Eric's association with the Duggars which I thought ill advised. Kent is a user and manipulator, who despite some good qualities, (he genuinely loves children), surrounds himself with con men, thugs, misogynists, and militiamen in order to consolidate his power base. Eric in a Christian entrepreneur who cannot support his Father's trickery and greed and law breaking, nor his half cocked theology. Jo, a talented musician and dedicated wife and mother, has taken his callousness for too long, and has been repeatedly shoved in front of trucks for her spouse. Basta.
Jonathan told me that "basta" is Spanish for "enough" and that is an expression that "everybody" is familiar with.

Dee Homes also covered the trial.  She may have gone through a Hovindologist Twelve Step Program as she has not posted on her blog - Hovindology "It's about the taxes, not the dinos" - in nearly a year.  I hope I have not triggered a relapse by asking her for a comment:

I would state that I have a lot of respect for Jo Hovind. She is apparently quite good at the piano. (They don't let just anyone peform at these Baptist megachurches.) And in her world, it takes a lot of guts, especially at her age and after so many decades of marriage, to stand up and say, "This is over." Among independent fundamental Baptists, divorce is heavily frowned upon unless one of the parties committed adultery. (And even then, there's a lot of pressure to forgive and stay married.) 
I would have hoped the double whammy of the divorce plus the eviction would get through Kent's skull, but as we've seen, Kent is all about Kent. 
I do wish Kent's video friends would stop beating up on Jo and hammering her with the Bible. It's not helpful in the least.
A Bit of Humor

I cannot help but close with just a bit of humor.  Back in July when Eric and his mom drove to Yazoo, Mississippi to pick Kent up from prison to begin a brief period of home confinement, Jim Bob Duggar of "19 Kids And Counting" went along for the ride.  Maybe, he could offer the Hovinds some advice on a new reality show "Real Creationists  Of Escanbia County".  Plenty of material.

A More Serious Note

Eric Hovind graciously agreed to comment.
So thankful that many people care so deeply about our family and the cause of Christ. I love my dad and mom more than any can know. Thank you so much for keeping us in prayer.
Previous coverage of Eric is here and here and here.

Peter J Reilly CPA continues to think that the Hovind story is no longer forbes worthy, but that could change.


  1. This is a great article Peter. I do want to say that I have disagreed with Eric vehemently on his facebook page before and, unlike his father, he has been nothing but a perfect gentleman when at times I wasn't. Unlike Kent's followers believe, I feel strongly that this is hurting Eric a lot. He is taking the only path he can to convince his dad that it is time to move on. I too wish Kent would finally, for once in his life, step up to the plate for his family and tell his followers that "enough is enough" as far as the condemnations of his wife and son. However, the sad fact, I feel, is that Kent's mental illnesses cannot allow him to do this. It is a very sad situation for all involved. I'm sure this just needs to be over and all should move on. Kent probably will never let it go for the remainder of his life. (I do suspect that Ernie Land saying he is tax complaint has very little to do with reality and Eric knows it is time to get Kent away from God Quests property and his mother.)

    1. Mental illness is a serious claim. Do you have medical evidence to back this up? Having delusional beliefs was not a diagnosis for mental illness last time I heard. Tens of millions of Americans believe in things that cannot be true, and yet function perfectly well in other aspects of their lives. Hell, even raging homophobic anti-semitic dirtbags like Rudy Davis are quite capable of earning a living and raising a family (not that you would wish him as a dad on any child).

      For all Kent's past, present, and future bad behavior, I don't believe claims that he is mentally ill are either useful or wise. Let's keep such diagnoses to the professionals.

    2. Tacitus,

      You are correct that one should be careful regarding such amateur analysis.

      However, I think, at a minimum, that Kent has over the years clearly exhibited signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, a disorder that was used by one of his heroes (Irwin Schiff) co-defendants as part of his defense.

      I had hoped that Kent would eventually be subjected to a bonafide mental evaluation, but it looks like, publicly, that has yet to happen.

      So, we are left to speculate.

      P.S. - Lawrence Cohen, Schiff's co-defendant, was successful in using NPD, to some extent, in that the lower court refused to allow it in as evidence and the appeals court overturned his conviction saying the lower court should have allowed the jury to hear about it.

    3. I thought Schiff claimed bipolar disorder

  2. I just noticed that one of the lies and/or misrepresentations contained in the trailer for Kent's little biographical movie which he is promoting on his YouTube channel today is the claim, such as I have challenged Kent to come out and discuss openly and honestly, that despite having obeyed all laws he was cast into prison.

    For a long time now Kent has pledged the rest of his life to the purpose of harassing the Government for having dared to call him to account for a few of his crimes, and it appears Kent has been pursuing that course under cover of operating his young-earth business.

    Also, it might be worth noting that the breaking of the divorce story publicly might be attributed to Sean Krakowski, one of my Hovind FaceBook fans, who brought the story to my page before Rudy Davis picked up on it.

    My page, where I reign as "Kent Hovind's Worse Nightmare", can be found at:


    I currently have 49 propositions for Kent's consideration, or his Champion's, at such time as Kent or his Champion might decide to come out for an open, honest, public discussion of Kent Hovind's legal problems.

  3. Peter Reilly, it would do you well to keep stay away from IRS agent Robert Bob Baty. Bob Baty was instrumental in helping a NON PROFIT atheist organization Freedom From Religion Foundation, who works closely with the IRS, in their quest to target Christians and Churches.

    Bob Baty, and now you Peter Reilly, are closely tied with atheists who are promoting satanism in public schools.

    Bob Baty also stalks and intimidates Kent Hovind supporters on the internet (teenagers and adults alike) is a big no no... I think that falls under 18 U.S. Code § 2261A - Stalking

    Tisk Tisk Tisk think twice about who you promote Mr. Peter Reilly of Forbes.com

    1. Kent prides himself in repeatedly claiming he operates under his real name and makes his personal address (former personal address) public.


      Meanwhile, he has a host of cowardly sorts who operate anonymously to do his dirty work, as is again evidenced by the appearance here of one using the ID of "Anonymous".

      I have an outstanding proposal to Kent's anonymous, cowardly front men/women to come out, come clean and engage in an open, honest discussion of their charges against me and, more importantly, Kent's legal problems.

      As you will see in the comments section here, that is simply something they are loathe to do.

      My place where I try to keep up with and cover the Hovind story is:


    2. Erin, you accuse Robert of stalking, while stalking him yourself. Just admit it, Davis isn't man enough for you and you want Robert to replace him.

  4. Yes, Eric did something I respect. That is good. And yes, Kent Hovind is still an incorrigible felonious dirtbag.

  5. In recent days, Kent and his people have been pushing a movie trailer for his alleged soon to be released movie biography.

    That trailer is filled with lies and misrepresentations.

    Here is a link to an alternative UNofficial trailer for his UNofficial biography:



    1. Kent's propensity for throwing others under the bus to preserve his image (even his family), and reaching out to all and sundry to join his paranoid anti government propaganda indicates an unstable personage whom his estraged wife might be advised to steer clear of.

  6. The devil is happy to see the trouble that he has sown and is sowing because of the Creation message. Don't you all see what is really happening here?? In reality, this is not about Eric, Kent, or the wife. Those are all smoke screens that the enemy has caused to draw attention away from the evolution issue. And people have fallen for it!!!

  7. Kent did everything to himself not some imaginary devil. Brothel Hovind threw away 8 1/2 years of his life on stupidity, he is not a martyr, he is an idiot. He was rightfully tossed in prison for committing 58 felonies, not debunking the theory of evolution.

  8. Kent did everything to himself not some imaginary devil. Brothel Hovind threw away 8 1/2 years of his life on stupidity, he is not a martyr, he is an idiot. He was rightfully tossed in prison for committing 58 felonies, not debunking the theory of evolution.

    1. Not sure why you posted this twice. If by accident I will delete one. Also I hope the moniker you put on Kent is a typo. If so, it can be edited.

  9. I wonder if Kent H was ever sorry for having his wife serve prison time and did he ever appreciate the work Eric did to buy back the property? Like a true Narcissist Im sure he is enjoying all the attention.

    1. How is it his fault that they went after his wife as well? They broke into the home of a citizen and held them at gunpoint then locked him up for ten years He should honestly sue the IRS agents and whoever was behind this including the shady judge for MILLIONS

  10. I'm sure Kent is grateful that his own son kicked him out of his own house....terrible !


  11. Wow! How very sad to watch how Satan can work his stealth influence on a Family that has done so much work for God. My heart breaks for Eric because he has been placed in a situation no son should be expected to be! On the other hand, Kent has gone thru an experience that no member of his Family can relate to. Kent was made an outcast by civil authorities. That experience is a true Blessing from God. Before anyone attempts to sit in judgement of Kent, they should try experiencing what separation from the world does to a person's perspective of the world. Know that the Devil has been very good at dividing Our Lord's Church. How many denominations are there now, over twenty thousand last time I checked. The sad botton line is that we are living in a time where people are not so concerned with doing God's work,but rather getting into the god business. All the while Satan is winning and The Church keeps getting further divided. Anyway you look at it, all parties involved are compromising what is right for what is protective of earthly treasure. I have traveled the world and searched for God's Church. The Amazing thing is the Church Jesus started at Pentacost has not changed and has continued uninterrupted for over two thousand years. It is known today as the Orthodox Church. Remember, Luther started the doctrine of Sola Scriptura in response to the unscriptural actions of the Roman Church. He ignored the Eastern Church. The Church of Pentacost. Christ is in Our Midst.


  12. Hmmm, I totally disagree with Federal Income tax, I don't work a Federal job or live in Washington DC, I feel its human trafficking...having said that, I also dont believe traffic stops for speeding are constitutional. HOWEVER, the guy pulling me over wears a gun, and I dont know where his mind or emotions are, so guess what, I sign my ticket. I pay the IRS. If I lived in NYC, I'd pay my "sanitation fees" too, why? Just because I dont agree with them doesn't mean i can afford the alternative. I spent time with Dr. Dino in 2001, but he reminds me of my father, "Its the principle of the matter!" He'd justify. But here's my question, even if I'm right, and taxes and tickets are unconstitutional, am I willing to give up the nicest "prison" in the world for State or Club Fed prisons??? Heck no. But hey, I'm not them, they make their bed, they get to sleep in it too.

    1. He was framed for structuring. He never refused to pay his taxes. He just used his own funds to pay his employees and because it was under 10k they found a rule that they could use to shut him up.

  13. Peter's over extended coverage can be boiled down to the opposite of his conclusions: that the government went after an effective Christian and arrested him for nine years. This is why his marriage failed. Peter is a good journalist however.

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