Sunday, April 24, 2016

Kent Hovind Calls The Dogs Out On His Own Family

Well now Kent Hovind has really aggravated me.  In this recent conversation with knome king (Bob Baty idenitfies KK as Mark Hill), in an extreme burst of TMI, he lets us know that his welcome home from prison did not include recommencement of conjugal relations with his wife Jo.  He indicates that Jo and his son Eric have conspired to take everything from him.  His Creation Science Evangelism had, he estimates, $2,000,000 worth of stuff that Eric as President of God Quest purchased for $6,300. (From what I have been able to gather that does not include the real estate). Quite a pile of CDs I guess.

That is not the worst part.  The worst part comes as knome indicates that he was calling out of concern and this whole affair is not something for him to be involved in.  Nay, Nay says Kent.  He wants his legions out there hollering for shame for shame at his wayward son and, for the present, wife.

First to bat was the indefatigable Rudy Davis, whose video was what caused knome to call Kent.

knome king himself then gave Eric and Jo some biblical scolding

And somebody has started a facebook site called Eric Hovind Exposed.

Hovindicators engaging in this sort of activity is not really that surprising, but we now have clear evidence that they are doing it with Kent's encouragement.  I'm really disappointed in him.

Hovindicators can get pretty testy.  Check out Rudy beginning around 13:00 in this one.  I don't think Rudy will start calling Jo "Jezebel", but I think he might get pretty hard on Eric.

Was Kent Shooting Himself In The Foot?

The whole part of the thing where he talked about there being $2 million worth of stuff that he considers his seemed like a pretty dangerous admission.  Somebody told me that IRS CI guys do follow the youtube activity of persons of interest.  When I reached out to my legal brain trust though, one of them pointed out that the statute has probably run on that activity.

He (or she) did get back to me with this caution.
I don't find it clear at all that he is not talking about a transaction that he feels defrauded CSE rather than about himself. But it does seem potentially to put "GodQuest"'s property in jeopardy for CSE's liabilities (and KH's, too, if CSE was an alter ego) as a fraudulent transferee.  I don't see anything that strongly suggests KH is presently engaging in or planning any wrongdoing himself.
CSE was considered to be Kent (and Jo's) alter ego in their Tax Court litigation.  The Tax Court affirmed the IRS assessment of $3,3 million in individual income tax, penalties and interest for the years 1998 through 2006.  My educated guess would be that that amount was deemed currently not collectible while Kent was in prison, but it does seem impolitic to indicate that somebody was supposed to be stashing $2 million worth of stuff for him.  Note the civil liability for income tax is separate and apart from Kent's criminal prosecution.

Really Big Pile Of CDs?

For whatever it is worth Hovindologist Dee Holmes is a little skeptical that CSE actually had that much stuff

What I think Kent had on hand in 2006 besides the DAL property was some poorly printed books, some poorly mastered videos/DVDs, some dinosaur toys and t-shirts and some computers/phone equipment. The books, videos/DVDs and soft goods are probably long gone. The computers and phone equipment would have long past depreciated in value and are probably long gone as well.  (It's also worth noting that Kent did not copyright those video performances and they've been uploaded ad nauseam to YouTube over the last decade.)
I'd also point out that in the circles Kent walks in, husbands are supposed to support their wives and Kent was in prison for eight years and not supporting Jo. He left that up to Eric, who (IMHO) did the best he could with the resources left behind after Kent went to prison. Kent's badmouthing of Jo and Eric on this phone call reflects very badly on Kent. He doesn't reflect what it says in Ephesians 5, where husbands are supposed to love their wives like Christ loves the church.  Instead, Kent sounds bitter and annoyed that Jo and Eric aren't following his bidding.  I think Jo and Eric are smarter than Kent!
If you are just joining the veritable scores of readers who follow this blog, I'll give you a little background, which you regulars can skip.  
Some Of This Foreseen

In at least one of his recorded prison conversations Kent had made clear that he expected Eric to give the keys back when he was released.

According to a goverenment motion in Kent's trial last year.

On or about December 18, 2013, defendant Hovind made the following
statements to his son Eric Hovind, 
Okay. Well maybe everything is fine. Uh. But just. And I think you know it and there is no sense debating it anymore. You know that I still think Dr. Dino, CSE, uh the assets that I left you with are
mine and are mine when I get home.
. . .
Right. Their CSE is controlled by me and I get to decide what to do with it. Now here’s one option. 
Why Eric Cannot Just Hand Kent The Keys

Unlike Kent, Eric has run his ministry in a conventionally compliant manner.  God Quest Inc is recognized as an exempt organization and files Form 990.  There is a board with fiduciary obligation to the entity.  They could not just turn everything over to Kent, because it was "really his" all along. Thinking through all the implications of that gives me a headache,

Pass The Popcorn

When Jo Hovind filed for divorce, I thought that matter altogether unnewsworthy.  There could have been many possible explanations and I would just as soon not know.  Kent who loves conspiracy theories has now chosen to throw his family in with the conspirators (He did use the word conspire).  So there are the Jesuits, the Masons, the New World Order and on and on with GodQuest/Creation Today now joining the list.  It promises to be interesting.

Peter J Reilly CPA has a tax blog to run, but he finds the allure of Hovindology irresistible.


  1. Lol, Peter, does that 2 million dollars include all of those no-copyrighted DVD's? Lol!

  2. I do assume that part of that includes VHS tape duplicators which was a major part of his duplication department.

  3. I think Kent's addled in the head and is including the old Dinosaur Adventure Land property in his $2 million calculations. It certainly appeared to me that the family was buying the seized parcels up as they came on the market and may have been doing so at Kent's direction. However, I do think Eric grew himself something of a spine between 2006 and 2015 or at the very least realized that if he didn't do something about his father, he was going to have Kent breathing down his neck for years to come. That Jo also wanted out of her marriage probably helped Eric as well.

    I'd also mention that Baptists, like so many Protestants, are really big on having the correct doctrine and will split off over so many things. While Kent was in prison, he was converted over to post-tribulation beliefs, which says Christians will go through the seven year tribulation. The vast majority of Baptists are pre-millennial, which means they believe the rapture of the church will occur before the seven-year tribulation. This has been the teaching for a century, from Scofield to Hal Lindsey ("Late Great Planet Earth") to Tim LaHaye ("Left Behind"). I could really see a family as intense and religious as the Hovinds torn apart over "when is Jesus going to return?"

    I'd just reiterate what I've said in other places, I really do think Kent should call off the dogs. Moreover, anyone who feels like they have to drag out a Bible and a video camera to beat Jo and Eric over the head needs to shut off the camera and put the Bible away for a while. It's not what Jesus would do.

  4. It's probably worth noting that Kent did not respond to Jo's petition for divorce within the allotted 20 days, and Jo filed a motion for default as soon as she was able, which means that unless Kent asks the court to set the default motion aside, the divorce will go through without Kent's participation.

    Perhaps Kent prefers it that way. If he's bitter about everything, then why would he want to cooperate in the undoing of the last thing that still binds him to his old life? Not the Christian thing to do, certainly, but quite human. It's easier just to run away.

    1. And thus he can deny it ever happened inside his sick, spinning head.

  5. All the God haters and gaytheists are out in full swing I see.

    1. No. You don't see. You're just here to defend the cultist Hovind and encourage the harassment of poor Jo Hovind that the coward Hovind has crowd-sourced his dirty defense to. Jo is lucky to be shut of the likes of Kent and the likes of people who would defend his sorry butt. JMHO, of course.

    2. Your a fool.

  6. And tonight, not unexpectedly, Steven Anderson lights into Jo Hovind and Eric Hovind, starting at the 43:00 minute mark:


    1. Make that the 23:00 minute mark through the 44:00 minute mark:

  7. Not all that good at reading your bible, huh, anonymous? Or does your copy not include Matthew 5:22? I know, I know, reading is tricky. All them lil' letters 'n all.

  8. To save you all the trouble of looking up James's reference

    But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire