Thursday, August 6, 2015

Guest Post From Bob Baty - Rudy Davis v. Robert Baty - "Worse than rape!"

One of the side issues of the Kent Hovind drama that I had stayed away from is the "worse than rape" controversy.  Several people signed affidavits that they had heard Judge Rodgers say, during sentencing, that Kent's crimes were worse than rape .  The statement was not in the trial transcript.  I did not get into it, because I did not see how it could ever be sorted out and I also had trouble discerning its significance.  The alleged statement was made during sentencing not trial and the resulting sentence was within the guidelines and upheld on appeal.

Nonetheless when Jonathan Schwartz did an interview with Jen Fishburne, the "worse than rape" statement was central and Jen denied that it had ever been made.

That video prompted a vigorous response from Rudy Davis.

Jen has since posted on the controversy.  

Then I heard from Bob Baty who wanted to know when I was going to be doing more on "worse than rape".  I told Bob that I was done, but he could give me a guest post if he wanted to. Here it is:

For months now, beginning about the time that the 2006 trial and sentencing transcripts in the case of Kent Hovind became popularly/publicly available (no thanks to Kent Hovind who could have had them published years ago), Kent Hovind and his supporters, led primarily by Rudy Davis, have been attempting to impeach the judge and the official record of the proceedings by accusing the judge of being involved in tampering with the official record to the extent of having an alleged comment from the judge whereby she explicitly accused Kent Hovind of being "worse than a rapist" and/or his crimes "worse than rape" removed from the official record.

Rudy Davis and I, among others that might be chosen for a public exchange of ideas on the merits of the claim against Judge Rodgers, are an excellent choice to match up and produce the proposed event.

We have 4 eyewitnesses, at least; 2 claim to have heard the judge make the statement and 2 claim the statement was not made.

Kent Hovind and Jo Hovind claim the statement was made by the judge.
Eric Hovind and Jen Fishburne claim the statement was not made by the judge.

Rudy wasn't there.
I wasn't there.

Why does Rudy make the claim?
Why don't I believe the claim?

That's what we might explore if Rudy accepts the outstanding challenge and operates in good faith to produce the desired event wherein the following proposition is proposed for discussion:

At the sentencing of Kent Hovind in 2007, Judge
Margaret Casey Rodgers explicitly stated that
Kent was "worse than a rapist" and/or his crimes 
were "worse than rape" and the statement is not 
recorded in the official court transcript of that 
- Rudy Davis: Affirm
- Robert Baty: Deny
Rudy and I had an earlier encounter via the Dan Dibondi Truth Radio Show regarding Kent Hovind's legal problems.  Neither Dan or Rudy ever got back with me to ask for a "rematch".
Now Rudy has another opportunity to come out to me (I went to him on the Dibondi show) and produce a more appropriate event involving the "worse than rape" claim that Rudy has indicated God has called him to promote throughout the world as part of a deliberate effort to "destroy" Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers.
Hopefully, the event will allow the public to be more fully informed on the secrets behind the "worse than rape" campaign which started in the long ago and remain hidden until recent months.
I would propose that the future of the Hovind family businesses, Kent's and Eric's, hinge on the outcome of the "worse than rape" matter and how they deal with it, but that will be for the public to decide in response to this and other substantive, fundamental issues involving Kent Hovind, his character, and his criminal activities.
Rudy, I am waiting.
Let the negotiations begin.

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Jen Fishburne's Blog Post in response to continuing controversy:


Personally I'm not so much into this debate thing.  I guess that is something that Bob Baty has in common with Kent Hovind.  

I think it might be worth mentioning here exactly what my connection to Bob Baty is, since Rudy Davis believes that we are big time on the payroll of the New World Order.  Bob commented a lot on Forbes blog and we became on-line friends.  We share an interest in the parsonage exclusion and the Kent Hovind case.

Rudy seems to think that we tap into vast resources. I mean really Bob Baty runs a (excuse me Kent) fucking Facebook page.  I really think people with vast resources could do a little better than that.

As far as the filthy lucre goes, I do hope to make money on my blogs, and I was making a bit until I decided to spend money on covering the Kent Hovind case.  On the other hand just a couple of extremely high traffic posts on Forbes will put me in the black.  No luck so far.  People find the Kent Hovind case more interesting than most of what I write about, but not enough more interesting.  So it goes.  If you look at my blogs you will find that there are a number of story arcs in there, but the Kent Hovind case is the one that seems to have lasted the longest. It would be great if Judge Rodgers sentences Paul Hansen to time served and Kent Hovind stays conventionally tax compliant and the story just fades away, but something tells me that is not going to happen.

One other note that Hovindicators might found amusing is this comment I noticed on FOGBOW, which has a great Kent Hovind section if you like snark.

My opinion, FWIW, is that Reilly is a not very closeted Hovindicator who just doesn't have the honesty or integrity to come right out and admit it. Journalistically he is a fraud pretending to lack of bias, when he is in fact anything but.
As a writer that puts me in great company as Montaigne had the same problem.
“I underwent,” he said, “the inconveniences that moderation brings along with it in such a disease. I was pitied on all hands; to the Ghibelline I was a Guelph, and to the Guelph a Ghibelline.”


  1. Thanks for that added context, Peter, but I have to disagree about your characterization of my dedicated Hovind FaceBook page.


    Curiously, I just noticed that tonight Rudy Davis and Paul John Hansen (Kent's co-defendant who is awaiting sentencing on August 21, 2015) are trying to get Kent Hovind and Don Camacho (the Hovind/Hansen sympathetic juror) together so that Kent might compel Don to testify on behalf of Paul at his sentencing.

    I am all for that scheme going forward.

    1. So you actually are spending vast sums on the facebook page? I think that if you put the contract out to bid you might get more bang for your buck.

      My limited use of the "f" word was to make the point that a facebook page does not require any money. As it happens your coverage is very thorough if a bit a cranky, but it can be accounted for by zeal on your part.

    2. It has been nice of FaceBook to provide a free platform that allows me to follow the Hovind case and offer commentary and have others interested join me.

      It has come under numerous attacks from the Hovindicators, and some discipline has been meted out by FaceBook (inappropriate in my opinion), but the page has survived.

      Hovindicators have reported that there are 1,000++ anti-Hovind websites out there and yet from my vantage point they seem to think my obscure FaceBook page is the most truth-telling and accurate and, as a result, the most dangerous to the False Hovind Narrative and Money Machine.

      While I may appear "cranky" on my FaceBook page and as much a loon as Rudy Davis in my Truth Radio Show appearance with Rudy and Dan Bidondi (with a "B"), in the real world I am not such.

      Maybe if Dan Bidondi is able to put me together with Kent in a reported pending interview I will be able to put on a calmer, less cranky persona.

      Dan Bidondi has indicated he would be trying to make it happen, but I feat that he and Kent are not going to make it happen. Time will tell.

      Given the latest regarding the "worse than rape" claims, I am thinking that the Hovindicators, and Kent, have decided to take their substantive scheming and related activities underground.

      Maybe after Hansen is sentenced and goes away and Kent settles into his scheduled 3 years of probation things will really wind down.

      Maybe not!

  2. I see Dee brought back some balance to that Reilly as Hovindicator labeling but yeah, while I disagree with you on how much Hovind had coming (in a world where prison reform isn't just on the table for Kent Hovind), you're no Hovindicator.

    1. Somebody mentioned I could respond on FOGBOW. That would involve me tracking that password back down, which I will probably get around to. You can't rule out that the person making the criticism is on the plot and performing a kind of reverse psychology move to build back my credibility among the Hovindicators.