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Impertinent Pete, Domineering Deborah And Kent's Kult Kompound

Domineering Deborah

There is a new breed of Kent Hovind critic emerging.  Unlike many Hovindologists, they are not at all disturbed by the notion that the world is only 6,000 years old and that humans and dinosaurs must have existed contemporaneously.

The Anonymous Webmaster

Most vocal and surprising is Theodore Valentine, who anonymously ran Theo, as Kent used to fondly refer to him,has produced an hour and three quarter documentary warning believers about Kent Hovind

The My Little Pony Fan

The one who gets the style closest to Rudy Davis award is Billy Summer of Whatever with Billy

On the other hand I don't expect Rudy will be covering My Little Pony anytime soon.

I don't have a sense of Billy's views on science and theology, but given that he was drawn to Lenox, Alabama by Kent's videos and his issues with Kent are about Kent's behavior,  I'm assuming that he shares some at least some of the young earth creationist viewpoint.

The Theologian

Joshua Joscelyn is the smoothest of the bunch. He was one of the few people from Pensacola on the street during Kent Hovind's trials in 2015

 He takes Kent on theologically calling him a damnable heretic.

The most colorful of the new breed is Deborah Henderson. I really like Deborah.  And in order to explain that, I need to tell you a bit about myself.

What Being A Hard Core Blogger is Like

I spend a lot of time on-line.  I've got three blogs going and a lot of research goes into many of my pieces.  It gets frustrating because sometimes it is the things that I knock out quickly that get the most traffic, but as it happens I don't make my living blogging, which allows my work to have, at least in my mind, a lot of integrity.  Regardless, someone who placed a tracker on me might think that I am not very sociable, as I can go for days seeing no one other than my partner (both business and life).  I do, however have quite a few friends scattered here and there.

And then there are my "blogging buddies".  My tax blogging is mainly based on my reading of original source material, but I end up contacting a lot of different people and then there are comments on the blog that sometimes lead to other communications and various blogs and facebook sites that I end up following.

Good Friends And Friends That Are Good

Of course, Hovindology is a "blogging buddy" phenomenon.  The only Hovindologists or Hovindicators that I have met in person are Dee Holmes and Jonathan Schwartz.  And, as it happens, I recruited Jonathan who I had known for a long time.  I challenge you to find a better video summary of the Hovind controversy than Jonathan's Dr. Dino: Creationism, Conspiracy, Conceit - The Politics of Wrath.

This is a long introduction to a concept.  "Blogging buddies" are like meat space friends in this sense.  They fall into two categories.  Some of them are, as far as I can tell, very likable people.  I would be very puzzled if somebody had a strong dislike for Kelly Erb, The Tax Girl,  or Joe Kristan, who recently hung up his keyboard and rode off into the sunset of an upstream merger or the Reverend William Thornton, the SBC Plodder.

There are others, however, that much as I like them myself, I totally understand why others might not.  I'm choosing not to name any names.  The self-aware ones know who I mean.

Domineering Deborah

To make a long story short, Deborah Henderson falls in the latter category.  Domineering Deborah has managed a remarkable achievement.  She got kicked out of Kent Hovind's work camp or whatever you want to call it which motivated the launch of a youtube channel, which has been quiet for about a month.

That got her invited to Robert Baty's Kent Hovind's Worst Nightmare! facebook site.  Not long after, Bob made the following announcement.
After receiving feedback from one or more members here, I decided to give Deborah Henderson a rest and removed her from the group.
Truly remarkable - both houses wishing a plague on her.

I think the main problem the Hovindology community had with Deborah was her tendency to lash out when people did not understand what she was about and her practice of giving people handles.  Mary Tocco was the unlearned Jezebel, Billy Summers was Boohoo Billy, Dee Holmes was Deiceitful Dee and I was Pansy Peter.

In Her Own Words

Unlike most others, I sought to get a better understanding of what Deborah's point was.  Also I tested what was behind her tendency to give people handles.  I asked her if she couldn't think of something a little better than Pansy Peter.  She responded with Impertinent Pete, which I kind of like.  I dubbed her Domineering Deborah and she like that too.

DD seems to believe that her audience is not people like me who don't accept the King James Version of the Bible as God's revelation to the English speaking.  We are incapable of understanding her criticisms of Hovind which she frames as a warning to fellow believers.  I have learned to not attempt to restate her positions, since I will probably get them wrong and might end up being Poopyhead Pete.  So I had a bit of an email exchange to clarify where she stands on important issues.

Here is her response:


KJB only in the English language, like Butthurt Baty would say...Affirm
YEC c. 6000.... Affirm
Vaccines.... BAD
Conspiracy Theories...GOOD
Income Tax IRS.... Don't care
Geocentricity..... Affirm
Flat Earth.... Hasn't tickled my fancy to investigate, as of yet...
Yankees vs Red Sox.... Conspiracy


The Yankees/Red Sox thing was a little joke.  If you had lived in New England for a while, you would get it.  I really like her answer.

I also asked her to boil down her issues with Kent Hovind.  She gave me a bonus by also laying out her issues with the Hovindologists that she considers the Booho Buzzard crew.

Peter, you have arrived late in the game and I do not consider you to be part of the Boohoo Buzzard crew. These people initiated insults, name calling, false accusing, then when I hit back they get all offended. This does not seem to be your character. I haven't checked my email for a while and just got to this. Give me a minute and I will do my best to sum it up, I will say, this I have repeatedly stated to them swarm of buzzards, this is not about attacking the Kult Kompound Klan, it is about Biblically exposing a flase teacher, a wolf in sheeps clothing. I did not speak a word until Billy Dolls decided to attack me in a video for speaking truth, now he plays the innocent. 
I do not know where I ever gave the impression that I was hurt or angry at their decision to kick me off the property, I was having a time there, but once again I remind y'all, the 3rd night I was there, the first night after my Husband left, I texted him and clearly said "This is officially a Kult," Kult and his jezebel knew I knew. Once again these buzzards will cherry pick their lies and use their lies to attack those who call them out, such as believing the unlearned jezebels lies about me, but then discredit other lies they told. 
Here is an Open Letter I sent to Butthurt Baty and Them....
May 2, 2017 An Open Letter To Robert Baty And Them: Part 1 Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you. Matthew 7:6 The hypocrisy of this group is exactly the babel I was hoping for, to gather the evidence needed to point out the insanity that you poses is equal to that of Kent Hovind. The main goal of climbing into a snake pit to conspire with snakes was to confirm all snakes are  of their father the devil, an enemy of Christianity, an enemy of the Gospel. Lowering myself to climb into this pit of snakes, has been of great concern by some of my fellow Christians due to God's warning.... 2 Timothy 2:16. But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness. God himself, whom through His infinite wisdom, has warned us to not do such things, Due to my experience in this world by being King James only and enduring the backlash of so-called Christians that attack me more then any other group, I have developed thick skin on matters of religion. God has blessed me with a wicked sense of humor and discernment to bring truth out to the open. With full support of my husband, I found it not only necessary but beneficial in my testimony exposing Kent Hovind for the false prophet he is, is to mock the mockers and expose the pure hatred for Christianity you and Hovind have in your hearts. Most of you people here are after Hovind for personal reasons for derailing your egos, you must, at any cost, including your own sanity, prove him wrong in his theology of the Young Earth to justify the misguidings you have been taught and indoctrinated into. The Bible is crystal clear on the earth being being c. 6000 years young, that is the one reason most followers of Hovind have blinders on and cannot discern truth of his deceitful ways. A quote from Hitler “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” My goal is to share my testimony and experience on his compound. To warn others of the ungodly ways of the happenings there. I am doing my Biblical duty to expose a false prophet. 1 Timothy 6:20 O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called. One must honestly ask the question, which claim about reality is likely to produce a more harmonious world, if carried out faithfully to its logical end? The assertion "God created man in his own image," representing the Judeo-Christian tradition, or the manifesto by atheist/evolutionist Richard Dawkins, representing the ideological epitome of the atheist movement, "the universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil and no good, nothing but pointless indifference." 


Other Comments

I asked my favorite Hovindicator, Rudy Davis, for his view on DD.
I don't really know her nor have I ever talked to her. All I heard was that she was living at Dinosaur Adventure Land for free and was asked to leave and got upset and now she is devoting a large portion of her life to helping Theodore's smear campaign against Dr. Hovind.  Other than that, I don't really have any further comment. When I asked Erin if she had anything to say regarding Deborah, she simply said "No Comment". 
Maybe after this post Erin will have something to say on DD's choice of accessorized armament.

 Ernie Land, Kent's consigliere and long time friend wrote me:
Very seriously, I only met her once for maybe 2 hours at a luncheon. That is where she took her photos of me. A volunteer, handicapped and on crutches, had ridden in the passenger seat of my car to the restaurant. This lady moved in front of him insisting she get a ride back and that ladies up front. She started on Kent’s wife calling her a jezebel and asking lots of questions. When we got back to the campus, I told Br. Kent we had a problem in her we were not equipped to handle. Days later I moved to the Board with a request from myself and another Board member to ask her to leave and yes, we graciously offered her bus fare. It was me who speed dialed our Sherriff once they notified me we had an issue. I did so from 80 miles away. It got ugly quick, but it was her rebellion that made it so. She insisted she was a resident, while having signed our terms saying she was not. She wanted hours to pack her 1 small bag of possessions. That’s it, so why is this so important in the scheme of things? It seems to me this is all about spreading lies and gossip on a Ministry that is winning souls and doing a Kingdom work.

Bob Baty wrote me:
Deborah Henderson and her husband Randolf remain mysteries to me.
They appeared, seemingly, out of nowhere with no visible means of support and traveling the country and getting their pictures taken with celebrity, fundamentalist Baptist preachers; while Deborah has accumulated 4,995 "friends" on her FaceBook page.
Deborah has been accused of having a rather "seedy" history, but has not been inclined to actually detail her life story in any meaningful way that might be corroborated to some extent.
Her husband Randolf plays the shy, silent type and, allegedly, was in prison for 20 years or so and, at times (once or more), was transported with Kent Hovind.  Neither Deborah or Randolf, to my knowledge, has made an effort to document that history and I have been unable to find any record of a "Randolf Henderson" with such a history; leading me to the conclusion that "Randolf Henderson" may be a contrived name of some sort to hide his past from scrutiny.
They have become bit players in the Hovind story, and the bit they have played has yet to be fully developed.  Deborah and Randolf, despite my entreaties, have not been inclined to fully explain their involvement in Conecuh County, AL with regard to their efforts, while supporting Kent Hovind, to engage in a seemingly well-orchestrated attack on local publisher of The Monthly View, Jim Allen.
Like others, I wait and watch for the Hovind story to further develop and what, if any, further involvement there might be from Deborah and Randolf Henderson.

Always Remember

I'm not sure what to make of all this and I've got work to do, so I am wrapping it up.  The most important thing that you should keep in mind in all this is that whatever your belief on a particular issue and however misguided you think people with a different belief are, if there should be a disaster in your community, there will be an outpouring of generous support from across this great country of ours.  A significant portion of that support will be from people who believe the opposite of what you believe on creation versus evolution or geocentrism or whatever.  And a significant number of people who agree with you will ignore your plight for a variety of reasons.  Always remember that and try to be kind.


Peter J Reilly CPA has been following the Kent Hovind story since 2012 and much to his chagrin has lost money doing so.


  1. Deborah has repeatedly denied she was hurt or angry while at Kent's place, and yet she fails to consider that she might suffer from the same problem she whines about in others when she comes up with "Butthurt Baty" for my moniker.

    I don't think your article, Peter, presents the reason she was dismissed from my Hovind group, but that's OK.

    I don't care to get into a discussion of that so I won't try to explain it.

    Deborah has plenty of venues in which to perform, and I welcome the opportunity to follow her antics.

    1. A little followup!

      Deborah wrote, in part:

      "I do not know where I ever gave the
      impression that I was hurt or angry
      at their decision to kick me off the

      It finally struck me as to why Deborah seems to have chosen her title for me.

      Deborah and her buddy Theo worked together, work together in promoting what Sean Krakoski might refer to as their in-house "Fundy Fight" against Kent Hovind and his second wife, perhaps soon to be second ex-wife, Mary Kosloskey Tocco (Hovind).

      I have opined a number of times that the theological in-fighting between Kent and his people provide little of interest for the broader public audience, and Kent's story involves so much more, and much more important issues.

      Back to Deborah & Theo!

      Theo, who, like Deborah, has a history he has been pretty successful in keeping secret.

      Theo, as noted in Peter's article, broadcast a YouTube "documentary" critical of Kent Hovind.

      I pointed out one or more times than any attempt at a legitimate documentary about Kent Hovind would lack credibility if it didn't address my years' long involvement with Kent.

      Theo, of course, would have personal reasons for not covering that important part of Kent's history. Peter alludes to it in his article. That is, Theo was behind the website and, along with a few others, spent a considerable amount of time, when they were working for Kent, attacking me and refusing to face me and deal with the details of their accusations.

      So, when you see Deborah's affectionate moniker for me, ButtHurt Baty, you might want to consider that as the basis for the choice.

      There may also be a little spite in it because I have called Deborah out for her as yet undisclosed details as an activist in Conecuh County, AL in mounting a concerted, organized attack on local journalist Jim Allen of The Monthly Journal when he wrote an editorial critical of Kent Hovind (when Deborah was all in with Kent).

      Oh yeah, Deborah's attempts to personally slight me with such a moniker might also have something to do with the publicity I gave to her vacation activities after she left Kent's compound.


      (You may have to cut and paste that link into your browser to view the jpg.)


    2. Another followup!

      Here's a reference that indicates that I am not among those, as alleged by Deborah, who can dish it out but not take it.

      "Baty, you should know you seriously
      offended the Valentines and they want
      no part of you."

      - Deborah Henderson
      - July 2, 2017
      - 8:00 AM MT

      I think she was trying to justify Theo's failure to include any reference to my work in the alleged documentary Theo broadcast.

      Despite my repeated requests, I have yet to be advised of any specific thing I might have said that Deborah had reference to.

      I would have liked to know what that was all about so I could compare it to the dirt Theo and his associates have dished on me.


  2. Mercy! As a self-aware person, I guess I've been too busy to gain a title. Kinda sad . . .

  3. My husband says we need a ghost writer to help us write a Broadway musical, are you up for the task Impertinent Pete?

    1. I don't think I could pull that off. Thanks for thinking of me.

    2. Isn't it ironic...don't you think, Impertinent Pete.....You came late in the game, your agenda is irrelevant,yet you have given yourself top billing in this whole Kult Kompound, soon to be 'musical drama.

    3. I gave myself top billing in post on my own blog. I can do that if I want. I have been following the Hovind case pretty intensely since 2012.

    4. Or, soon to be the Musical Comedy of the decade.

  4. Yeah, I think Deborah's definitely a bit player...a much smaller bit than she likes with the talent of alienating most all but the indefatigable Peter. I find it funny that she essentially claims it's all going along with her plans. Again, she (over)plays a small bit part, IMO.