Peter J Reilly CPA

I'm a CPA who is trying to be the first ever tax blogger to give up his day job.  I started in public accounting in 1979 and have not quite given it up yet although I am weaning myself off it.  I'm responsible for everything on this blog unless I can figure out a way to blame it on somebody else.  I'm pretty good at that.

You can email me at and if I am convinced you are not a psycopath I'll give you my snail mail and my phone number  if you like want to talk to me or something

My main writing gig is 

I have another alternative blog for stuff I feel like writing about that isn't even vaguely tax related. Called   We Are The Future Generations 
You can also find me on Facebook  Twitter  and linked-in/

Peter Reilly CPA


  1. Do you have a contact phone number?

  2. You can email. Or look here

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