Monday, February 29, 2016

Ernie Land On Kent Hovind's March Surprise

The tiny band of Hovindoligists is still in reaction to his mysterious announcement that a big push for Hovindication will be coming in the next three weeks.  Kent made the revelation at the end of a Q & A session at a presentation on health and the bible at the Slavic Baptist Church in Shakopee MN. Kent seems to be making great inroads with Russian Baptists.

I was wondering a bit about the Slavic Baptist churches. I poked around and found this article and then checked in with Rev William Thornton, the SBC Plodder, who is my go-to guy on all matters evangelical. He wrote me
My denomination does US church planting in many languages and ethnic groups. The church featured is SBC. Local to me are many Hispanic, Hmong, Korean, Vietnamese, Haitian, etc., baptist churches. I don't know anything about Hovind being big in these. The author of the article is a colleague of mine.
He is referring to the California church in the article I found.  At any rate, I need to do more work on this, but it appears that the Russian Baptists that Kent is courting have not brought a Russian form of Baptism to the United States, but rather have picked up on American old time religion.

Kent's announcement came near the end of this video starting at 2:40:37

It was a Q&A session with written questions and he specifically picked the question on why he had been in jail as one he wanted to address.  He gave his standard innocence narrative that indicates the only thing he ever did was take his own money out of the bank and then indicated that will be starting a petition drive that with the attainment of 5,000 signature will lead to an investigation of his case, his exoneration and the payment of over $8 million.

I couldn't figure out how that is supposed to work.  So I checked in with Ernie Land, Kent's consigliere.  Here is what I got.

This is all third party, but on Kent and Jo Hovind’s original case. I do know there will be a petition signature request by Brady Byrum and a couple Attorney’s who are reviewing his research. The petition will be for Congress to review the case and it will focus on what I am told is fraud by the Government and conspiracy in that fraud by the Judge, which are not time barred in the nature of what research has found. I have seen the power point presentation Brady will be using, and it really nails the misuse of the codes that were allowed to be used in the grand jury indictments of that case. I do not hold out a lot of hope that anything will happen except delay and deny by the Government, but those American’s that watch Brady’s presentation will come to a knowledge that once again the Justice system and the DOJ not only misused law but violated law. I think the Government has underestimated the people, which is why I feel Trump can pull off a victory in the race to become President. We the people, at least the average and ordinary grassroots American people are fed up with the Feds.
Brady Byrum is a familiar name, but I have not learned a lot about him, so I will leave this as a project for my commenters.


Peter J Reilly CPA makes his living doing tax returns and planning, but hopes to be the first tax blogger to give up his day job.  He has been a Hovindologist since 2012.


It is kind of fascinating watching Kent perform with his words being translated into Russian.  The question before the jail one, where he explains King James only was really confusing.  I'm wondering why he did not point out the definitive Russian translation.  It was pretty clear that a lot of Hovind's jokes did not translate that well into Russian judging by reactions.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Kent Hovind's January Surprise Deferred To March

Young Earth Creaionist Kent Hovind fought a long battle with the IRS that did not end well for him.  He served a long sentence for structuring, failing to pay payroll taxes and interfereing with the administration of the internal revenue laws.  There was also a large civil liability for unpaid taxes, including the civil fraud penalty. It is a complicated thicket of litigation, which I have covered pretty extensively.

To his followers and the right wing consipiracy bubble where his story goes unchallenged, he presents himself as an innocent man imprisoned for taking his own money out of the bank to pay his own bills.  As it happens it is possible to "innocently" violate the structuring laws.  All that is required is that you do your deposits and withdrawals in amounts under $10,000 with the purpose of avoiding bank currency reporting requirements.  Further there does seem to be an issue with Hovind's structuring indictment.  Nonetheless there is the matter of the other things Hovind was convicted of and the civil liability making his narrative of just being a victim of the structuring laws seriously incomplete.

Since his release Kent has been going great guns on youtube and doing a lot of speaking.  He is raising money for a bigger better Dinosaur Adventureland in Alabama.

And he has been hinting about doing something to get his conviction overturned.  Bob Baty, who follows Kent, if you will excuse the expression, religiously, on his facebook site, had been writing about Kent's "January Surprise" which even as of the end of February has not fully materialized.

Something has broken though, which indicates that we might be in for a March surprise.  Kent was speaking at the Slavic Baptist Church in Shakopee MN.  It is a long session and the news about his case does not come in till 2:40:37 in case you don't want to invest the lifespan to see how well Kent's jokes translate into Russian.  The discussion comes in the Q & A when someone asks him why he went to jail.

Apparently there will be an appeal on to sign a petition to have Kent's case investigated.  With 5,000 signatures Kent's conviction can be overturned and he will receive over $8 million.  I have no idea how that is supposed to work.  Kent indicated it will go up on the website in three weeks.

I asked one of my criminal law experts about the signature thing and he came up empty.

I asked Bob Baty for his thoughts on this drama and here is some of what wrote.

Kent offers no insight into the actual details of how 5,000 whiners are going to actually affect the reversal of his convictions.  I may have an imagination, but I cannot imagine what he may be thinking in thinking 5,000 complaints will result in overturning, legally, as "we the people" determine such matters, his convictions.

Kent Hovind and his people have shown themselves very supportive of Ammon Bundy, Pete Santilli, and the others involved in the armed assault and takeover of the Malheur Refuge in Oregon.  Those people and Kent and his people share common false claims regarding the Constitution and have strong affections for such theologies as are associated with the "sovereign citizen" movement.  

Sovereign citizen antics have already had to be dealt with in the Oregon cases and were ever present in Kent's cases.

Some may recall that last year, Pete Santilli, prompted by Kent's man Rudy Davis, made an attempt to threaten and intimidate Kent's judge.  That call is archived around the 23:05 mark in the following broadcast by Pete Santilli: 

At least one report in the coverage of the Oregon story indicated that Pete's call to Judge Rodgers was still under investigation.  It may ultimately have some affect in Pete's Oregon and Nevada legal matters as well as providing Kent with some publicity, though possibly not the kind he likes, regarding his case. 
I am of the opinion that the Oregon case and current outcome have become a disappointment for Kent who was hoping to use that, as he has done with so many media stories, to try and piggyback his case into the national consciousness; or at least to milk his base for more money to fund his fantasies. 
Had the Oregon case not developed as it has, Kent may well have executed his surprise in January as was earlier forecast, or February.  I am thinking he has had to revise his surprise and remove/limit certain sovereign citizen aspects; leaving him with some kind of "file a complaint for me, will ya?" fund-raising, media tempting program.
I have repeatedly challenged Kent Hovind to come out and discuss his legal problems, openly and honestly.  Over time I have developed 40 specific propositions for Kent's consideration.  They can be found pinned to my Hovind dedicated FaceBook page

It looks like we may not find out the full nature of the upcoming Hovindication campaign until late March.  Something to look forward as we wrap up another tax season.


Peter Reilly CPA hopes to be the first tax blogger to give up his day job.