Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Billy The Brony On Hovind Hovindicators and Hovindologists

Lately Kent Hovind has been plagued by supporters leaving his fold.  Of those the one I find most intriguing is Billy Summers (Sorry Domineering Deborah. You get most colorful.).  Billy is a truck driver by profession.  His youtube channel Whatever With Billy mainly focuses on pop culture including quite a bit on My Little Pony

I had wrongly assumed that Billy was a YEC believer, but it turns out I was mistaken about that.  Billy gets the Hovindologist Most Like Rudy Davis award, but that is based only on his delivery style, his profession and his youtube channel. 

Recently on Facebook, Billy did a summary of his thoughts on Hovind, Hovindicators and Hovindologists which I found pretty interesting. He gave me permission to share it.  Here it is with some light editing.


Well folks..... It's been two months since I made my last video on Kent Hovind.... And since Theo's documentary that he did on Kent I have been quiet for the most part.... Kinda just sitting back and watching and listening.

With all that said I am not your normal Christian. I live in a world full of common sense and rationality. Do I know how old the Earth is? No I don't...... But the better question is do I care how old the Earth is.... No I don't care about that either; that just like many other things is nothing but a minor doctrinal issue.... The Bible can be interpreted in many different ways.

But also keeping that in mind.... I mainly started listening to Kent Hovind so long ago.....well first reason I was a baby christian and didn't know any better.... And second he actually came across very personable and very likable and seemed to present things in a very unique manner.... I didn't ever listen to Kent because I necessarily agreed with everything he said but found his point of view interesting. And figured he was a brother in Christ...... I knew he believes some off-the-wall stuff such as chemtrails and fluoride in the water type stuff..... But I figured he was a brother in Christ and he was entitled to his opinion just like everybody else.

And now let's fast-forward a little more than 10 years and here we are.... So let's look at the characters in this soap opera that we call Kent's Kompound.

Kent Hovind

 I used to admire the man... But now I look back and wonder why.... He is nothing less than a complete nut job who believes every conspiracy out there and that most of them center around him. I've heard him more than one time on his broadcast say that there have seemed to be a lot more chemtrails happening since he's moved to Lenox, Alabama.

Theodore Valentine

I've actually talked to Theo a few different times.... He does seem to actually be genuine and what he says.... He also seems to believe conspiracy theories as well such as Illuminati and NWO.....And then there's also the other thing of him seemingly seeing the devil in literally everything.... I don't know about him but as a christian man I'd like to try and see Christ in anything and everything as much as possible as opposed to the other way around.

Billy Summers

The outsider looking in.... I saw something happening over there with Kent and the crew... And as an outsider I figured I would try to figure out what it was.... I didn't really expect to find a bunch of conspiracy nuts.

Deborah Henderson

What can we say about Domineering Deborah....... Except.......Wow!!! What a case!

Mary Tocco

Mary: Kent's "wife"......who seems to be a very nice independent woman(on the surface of course).... But then my wife felt something in her spirit telling her something wrong about her when she saw Mary at Walmart trying to convince somebody that vaccines are bad.

Kent's Followers 

 If you believe that the anti-Hovind people out there are "despicable".... Quotation marks there of course because that's what Kent's followers call people who disagree with Kent...... Kent's followers are rabid, vicious, and some of them are downright hateful.... And the second that you disagree with Kent they pounce.


Yes this group can be kind of obsessive at times when it comes to Kent..... But I really can't say nothing I've kind of jumped in there with them as well..... But the difference between them and Kent's followers.... Is that they seem to be rational and not so condemning.

And The Rest

There are plenty of other characters that can be talked about when it comes to the soap opera that is Kent's Kompound..... But after being silent for almost a month now on this topic..... I figured I would throw something out there and let everyone know what my thoughts are at the moment.
And when I first started typing this up I figured that this was going to be something quick and simple explaining that I'm pretty much taking the Hovind videos I did down.... And getting my channel back to what it was originally for.... Instead of being poisoned by that Hovind nonsense.... But instead I will leave them up for a couple more days(by chance anyone might need to download them for anything) and then just simply unlist them.... Until Hovind by some chance tries to call me out anytime soon videos.... But I'm sure that's not going to happen because the Chris Jones situation is something he seems to not want to touch with a ten-foot pole


So if you want to have access to Billy's Kent Hovind videos in the future you need to do something to preserve them.  I'm a writer and I only do video with professional help. so don't count on me.

Peter J. Reilly CPA has been following the Kent Hovind story since 2012.