Saturday, July 30, 2016

Beer For Rudy's Horses

One of the things that other Hovindologists, the small band interested in the Kent Hovind chronicle, who are not supporters of Dr. Dino, find odd about me is my affection and admiration for Rudy Davis.  There are times when he makes it hard for me.  A recent piece he did is kind of over the top even for him.

The title is "Eight death penalty offenses once righteous judgment comes back to America".

The picture of the noose is a little off, because Rudy's preferred execution method is beheading, but if you listen to the podcast you will hear a sort of dystopian nightmare, that reminds me just a bit of the Handmaid's Tale

Really just the first phase.  The energy behind the podcast is more consistent with one of my favorites  by Toby Keith and makes the noose picture more appropriate and I think it captures a bit of the Rudy Davis spirit.

Grandpappy told my pappy, back in my day, son
A man had to answer for the wicked that he done
Take all the rope in Texas find a tall oak tree,
Round up all them bad boys hang them high in the street
For all the people to see
 Rudy believes that there is a war going on between patriots like himself and the corporate, as opposed to the organic, United States.  The enemies are  people who hate the United States of American, the Constitution and liberty.

In this video, he is looking forward to ultimate victory.  If when that happens, God grants him a role in dealing out justice, there will be quite a few executions.  That's the dystopian part that is playing out in my mind.  You might need a course like Conspiracy Theories 101 to follow along on this, but I'll let you do your own research.  Here are the people that will be executed after a fair trial under Justice Minister Rudy Davis of the Reformed United States of America.

1. People who were paid to participate in false flag events like Sandy Hook, Oklahoma City, etc
2.  Attorneys working for the "corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" who suppress exculpatory evidence.
3.  Although he doesn't name him it is pretty clear he is referring to President Obama.  Although if Ted Cruz had made it he might be included.
4. News media that have deliberately distorted the news to affect public policy
5. The people doing the chemtrails, even if their motives are pure.  Maybe fluoride in the water too.
6. People advocating to limit gun rights and force vaccinations
7. CIA and prison industrial people who have participated in torture.
8. People who have benefited from the fiat currency system the federal reserve.

I always admire Rudy's presentation.  In his summary when he says "Death penalty for you", he reminds me of the soup nazi.

Since Kent Hovind has often advocated wider application of the death penalty, I reached out to Ernie Land for comment but have not heard back.

I also reached out to Rudy to get a little clarification on some of the details and some sort of estimate of the post-restoration body count.  Here is his complete reply from two different e-mails.

Erin and I initially checked my father into an old folks home for help with his care.  A few months later my father John was approached by the administrator and she said it was the policy of the home to vaccinate all the residents.  My dad replied "Over my dead body."  The front office called me to come talk some sense into my father so that he could remain at the old folks home.  I went up to the old folks home after receiving the call and a short time later, my dad was living in my downstairs bedroom/kitchen.  I totally agreed with my dad's position on this issue. 
In regards to people trying to disarm the American public, I consider that an act of aggression and an act of genocidal war.  The documentary below makes the point and I don't even think the producer is a Christian.  Why is it so difficult for people to understand that you can't force their crap on others?  Our founders thought the second Amendment was so important that they made it #2 just behind #1.
In regards to how many forced vaccinators and gun grabbers would need to be executed..... Hmmmmm.....  Well, I think after I publicly beheaded the first ten gun grabbers and it became widely known that we are once again enforcing the US Constitution,  I believe the rest of the gun grabbers would become very quiet and there would be no need to execute the hundreds of thousands who are currently deceived.


People are free to advocate whatever they wish.  However once they have committed overt actions which are targeted to restrict American gun rights, then I believe that warrants the death penalty with a public beheading. An example would be if it is proven that Sandy Hook was a deceptive false flag event run by certain elements of the corporate United States, then I would push for the death penalty of everyone involved in the coverup and deception. Are you aware that there is a large portion of the public that don't believe we were told the truth about what happened at Sandy Hook?  I am one of those people. 

To be fair to Rudy, it is important to note that he is only advocating these executions after fair trials under a new legal regime. I did see somebody mention they would report his video to the authorities, but Rudy has been through that drill before.

Peter J Reilly CPA continues to have a certain admiration for Rudy Davis,


  1. Peter boy, why not talk about the violent intimidators and criminals you actually promote and associate yourself with?!

    Write an article about Facebook shutting down the violent intimidation page run by your good friend exIRS agent Robert Baty... And how they were stalking, harassing and even made death threats....

    Robert Baty also filed false police/child abuse reports and when he got caught he stalked and harassed the Conecuh County Sheriff who will probably lock him up if he ever steps foot in AL.

    OHHH How about this one...

    Robert Baty's friend, Randy Dunn, created a shell company called Dinosaur Adventure Land in AL to financially harm CSE... write about that one...

    Or how about You, Robert Baty and friend have ties to the Freedom From Religion Foundation and IRS targeting of Christian Churches in America


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. An interesting discussion about Kent's legal issues (Christian Robert Baty & atheist Bernie Dehler):

    3. An interesting discussion about Kent's legal issues (Christian Robert Baty & atheist Bernie Dehler):

    4. Bernie's question to Kent about me and Kent's response can be found at the time marked link below from Bernie's last interview with Kent:

      Kent has spent a lot of time talking to Bernie, and Kent's comments about me led to the interview Bernie mentioned above.

  2. I see Kent's anonymous and cowardly surrogate, right on time, has again appeared to promote certain persistent lies, and persistently lying appears to be just one identifying characteristic of Kent Hovind and his people.

    1. Facebook shut down Robert Baty's Facebook page due to harassment. And Peter Reilly constantly promoted this page.

      FKH - Confirm (proof:
      Robert Baty?

      Robert Baty's friend Randy Dunn tried to cause financial harm to CSE by creating shell companies which is a crime.

      FKH - Confirm (proof here:
      Robert Baty?

      I'll leave it at that.

    2. The proof, of course, is not where the anonymous and cowardly Kent Hovind surrogate proposes; for there is no proof of the lies Kent and his people perpetuate against me as part of their efforts to talk about anything but

      Kent Hovind criminal career,
      Kent's legal problems,
      Kent's sending of his wife to prison, and
      perhaps the most important of all Kent's alleged,
      direct, and personal responsibility for his son
      Andrew's disabilities

      (not an all inclusive list of what Kent needs to come out and talk to me about or send out his champion).

      Come out, come out, Kent Hovind; we have things to talk about!

    3. In addition to my dedicated Kent Hovind FaceBook pages, I now have a dedicated stand-alone website at:

      Out of about 41 separate pages/articles there, the third most popular, behind The Monroe Journal debate between Kent and Me and the page reflecting my outstanding challenge to Kent with 62 propositions for consideration, is the one regarding the unanswered allegation regarding Kent's personal and direct responsibility for his son Andrew's disabilities which can be found at:

      Was Kent Hovind criminally negligent regarding the alleged failure to provide care for Andrew which necessitated an intervention by family members which saved Andrew's life but with lifelong consequences for Andrew??

      You can review the 62 propositions and my outstanding challenge to Kent at:

    4. Proof is all around the internet

      Robert Baty, your a violent stalker and intimidator and Facebook shut you down.

      Cry all you want... Babble all you want... The truth is you were caught and Peter Reilly of associates himself with someone who violently stalks, intimidates and promoted death threats to CSE helpers.

      You got kicked off Facebook...

      Game over... you are done Robert... nobody cares about your lies.

    5. Evidently you care Erin, care that Robert, and I, expose the lies your cult leader tells about his legal troubles. You stalk Robert all over the internet, you and Hovind's other cult members made false reports to FB about Robert "Harassing a Religious Organization", which Hovind is not, nor was Hovind harassed, as he's too much of a coward to face Robert in a debate.

    6. Kent's anonymous and cowardly surrogate returns and pops off with:

      - "Proof is all around the internet."


      - "Robert Baty, your a violent stalker
      - and intimidator and Facebook shut you
      - down."

      Flat out lies, again!

      It's now wonder Kent's surrogates, or Kent, like to hide behind anonymous ID's.

      It's a nice dodge, but I am still waiting for Kent or his Champion to face me and deal with Kent's legal matters, related matters, and such charges as Kent and his people have made against me.

      No, I'm not holding my breath.

    7. Your a joke.

      IRS apologizes for abusing structuring laws they went after Kent Hovind for... They are having to return assets and money back to the Americans they stole from.

      Your a loser Robert Baty...

      Go do something with your life...

      Go spend time with family...

      Your not getting famous anytime soon stalking Kent Hovind

      Kent Hovind Structuring Overturned IRS Apologizes And Pays Americans Back:

    8. The anonymous and cowardly Hovind surrogate returns again to repeat the false claim(s) about IRS apologies which are quite unrelated to Kent Hovind's structuring problems and admitted guilt.

      Nothing has been done or said by the IRS to change Kent's guilty status which Kent has effectively admitted to a number of times.

      As noted before, Kent and his people want to talk about anything but Kent's criminal career.

  3. Rudy Davis responds to Peter's article above; in classic Rudy style:

  4. I also am kinda fond of this false claim from Kent and/or his anonymous and cowardly surrogates, as recounted above:

    - "Robert Baty also filed false police/child
    - abuse reports and when he got caught he
    - stalked and harassed the Conecuh County
    - Sheriff who will probably lock him up if
    - he ever steps foot in AL."

    These days, with FOIA and other public record requests, you would think it would be easy for Kent and his people to simply post pictures of any false police and/or child abuse report that I allegedly filed and explain any false claims made by me therein.

    They haven't!
    There isn't any such thing!

    As for the Conecuh County Sheriff and "stalking", I think you will find that it was Kent Hovind who first advertised the Sheriff's and related law enforcement phone numbers and called upon his "millions" of followers to call those numbers in support of Kent Hovind.

    Typical "sovereign citizen" tactics; flood the authorities with contacts and paper and bog down the system. Kent and his people have been doing that for years and most recently Kent has tried it with the Conecuh County Sheriff, among others in his new local community.

    I think the Sheriff is on to Kent and, as a matter of policy, isn't going to be talking to me about my involvement or what is really up with his possible investigation and/or surveillance of Kent.

    The story of Kent in Konecuh Kounty continues to develop.
    Stay tuned.

    1. You are a joke Robert Baty...

      Something is really wrong with you...

      Peter Reilly needs to find better friends...

    2. Still no evidence that Kent Hovind is ready to "face the music" and me and discuss his legal problems and related matters, like Kent's alleged personal responsibility for disabling his son Andrew and sending Jo, his wife, to prison.

  5. Ignoring all the usual pointless back and forth in the comments, I agree with you Robert -- Rudy is an interesting case. I was actually thinking of blogging about him recently, though I've never gotten around to it.

    I see Rudy Davis as the sovereign citizen's best friend. He clearly agrees with much of what Kent, Shawn Stuller and now Schaeffer Cox believe, but rather than living out those beliefs as a full-blown sovereign citizen, he treats them as aspirational goals to be met once the current system of government has been overthrown.

    For all his craziness, this is an extremely sensible decision that allows him to stay on the right side of the law (albeit with the Secret Service keeping a wary eye on him) and get on with his life and career unmolested, and from what we've seen of his property in his videos, he's doing quite nicely for himself.

    This allows him to be an outspoken advocate for the sovereign citizens without getting entangled in the legal issues that surround their cases. How effective he will be in the Schaeffer Cox case remains to be see, since it is in a different league from Kent Hovind's case, but at the very least, he will have helped raise enough funds for Cox to mount a stronger appeal in his case.

    Now, to his video. Just like many patriot movement types, Rudy clearly favors a theocratic government that would implement the Christian equivalent of Sharia Law -- and not the civil kind that is practiced in the US and other Western nations, but the full blown, off-with-their-heads kind, as practiced in Saudi Arabia and ISIS held territories. It truly is that appalling.

    Just the prospect of executing journalists for "deliberately distorting the news" would be the death sentence for the First Amendment. If put into law, the government would use it to rid itself of any journalist who didn't toe the official line in public policy debates, and even if they didn't, the chilling effect would be so great that no pundit or journalist would dare to express their opinions (i.e. not news, but opinion) on an public policy matter. After all, who is to say that an incorrect opinion is a deliberate distortion or a sincerely held, if incorrect position?

    What Rudy doesn't understand is that a government that is executing thousands of people a year--especially for the types of acts he discusses--is going to be one that rules by fear, not justice, or openness. The Constitution would be ripped up and thrown in the trash, and the freedoms we take for granted would be but a distant memory.

    The good news is that Rudy is not a frontline type of guy. He's not going to foment a revolution (if that was even possible) because he loves his life just the way it is -- i.e. with the constitutional protections that he would deny others if he could have his way. But given the opportunity, heaven forbid, he would make a quite a good little brown shirt in the coming theocratic United States of America.

    1. Very interesting. Can you give us a link to your blog Mike/

    2. Thanks for the commentary, Mike.

      I look forward to hearing of your further coverage of these matters.

      I think Rudy, like Kent's Ernie, is as you say; talkalot but stay away from real activism and risk their very middle class lifestyles which have been made possible very much by what they complain about.

      Even Kent's Tim Coleman (aka Liberty Pastor and sovcit mentor to the wannabe Mark Hill, aka knome king), in his last broadcast talked about doing more than talk, but talk is about all he's got in him. In that last video he wants to teach his followers to do such things as file frivolous lawsuits, organize posses, and make citizens' arrests.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

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