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Theodore Valentine's Hovind Documentary - Reactions

When Independent Baptist minister, young earth creationist, convicted felon Kent Hovind (Doctor Dino) was nearing the end of a long prison sentence for tax related crimes, the federal government prosecuted him again.  This time for actions that he had taken with respect to property that had been seized as a result of the first conviction.

A movement to free Kent Hovind arose in response.  Along with some sharp conventional legal work and a bit of juror nullification, the prosecution was foiled and Kent was released on time nearly two years ago.  

The Hovindication movement had two strong pillars on the internet. Rudy Davis put aside other matters, such as questions about the legal qualification of President Obama to serve as President, and made his Lonestar1776 youtube channel all Kent Hovind, all the time.  

The other pillar was the website  You need to go to the wayback machine to see it in all its glory. I tend to look at it as full of Nazi imagery, ridiculous conspiracy theories and logical inconsistencies.  Maybe it is personal because the site one time characterized me as traitor who should be exiled to China - just saying.  Whoever was running remained anonymous during the struggle.

On the other hand, I really appreciated Rudy Davis as a spokesman.  He reminded of Fred Ward's portrayal of Gus Grissom in the Right Stuff.

The administrator of has stepped forward.  It is Theodore Valentine, the mysterious Theo that Kent would sometimes refer in his post release youtube videos.  Kent Hovind has been going great guns on youtube, since his release.  The medium seems to be perfect for him, making me think it could be used as evidence for intelligent design. now points to, which is now something of a Kent Hovind attack site.  Theo has been promising us a documentary exposing Kent Hovind and he finally delivered today with something just over an hour and forty five minutes.

I can't recommend the lifespan investment.  Interlock Media's ten minutes will give you a lot more coherent content.

Overall, I am quite disappointed in Theo's video.  It is really not much better than his website work complete with some Nazi imagery thrown in.  There are some intriguing things about Ernie Land alluded to and matters concerning Kent's alienation from his family.  Theo devotes a lot of time to business issues between himself and Hovind that are typical of the type of disputes that a vendor might have with a difficult customer.

Deborah Henderson tells me that the video is not directed to people like me, but rather to believers who need to be warned about Kent Hovind.  That might account for the emphasis on Kent as unworthy to be an elder particularly in the light of his marriage to Mary Tocco, who Deborah considers an "unlearned Jezebel".

All this is by way of introduction to Rudy Davis's comments on Theo's video.  So one pillar of Hovindication remains firm.

Rudy Davis on "Beware They Are Ravening Wolves"

Peace Peter,

   My wife just returned from Canada and we had a Schaeffer Cox call this morning. From what I saw of Theo's Magnum Opus, I see a bitter man. Theo’s first sentence in the propaganda piece is a lie and it just gets worse from there.  Dr. Kent Hovind is an elder and I believe his efforts are part of a ministry that wins souls for Christ.  Truth does not need Hollywood video and sound effects.  That is what happens in our federal courtrooms when they play slow motion video of exploding grenades and sten machine guns that was never used by Schaeffer Cox.  Hollywood video effects are a magician’s trick to bias and beguile the simple minded.  The Romans 13 quote is completely misapplied and shows Theo’s willingness to bow down to a fraudulent authority which has now resulted in him becoming the spokesman for the devil.  Our authority in this country is not an oppressive government but is “We the People” and our US Constitution.  In Theo’s  lame efforts to “take down” Dr. Hovind, Theo trashed a popular Kent Hovind facebook page administered by my wife which could have been used to advocate for other innocent political prisoners or as a permanent reminder of Christians actually coming together, which in this day and age is extremely rare. Theo also redirected traffic from freekenthovind website to liesofthedevil for his own benefit and then likely changed the name of  his Free Kent Hovind youtube channel as well to Lies of the Devil.  All of this traffic was siphoned from those interested in Kent Hovind, not Theo.  The fact that Theo doesn’t see any problems with this behavior speaks volumes to his character or lack of it.

  I am also grateful for the video plug showing my anger at Obama’s forged birth certificate (Hot or Cold, Rev 3:16). I wish everyone had the same level of anger as I and then Obama would have been held accountable for his proven forgery which landed Lt. Col Terry Lakin in Ft. Leavenworth prison for six months, separated from his children, and the loss of his military benefits after a distinguished career (see:  Let’s put this in perspective….  Obama’s birth certificate has been proven a forgery in two forensic labs on two continents.  Now given that I believe that this is an undisputable fact, I find it very puzzling that people would look at me in bewilderment of how angry I was and how accepting of Obama’s forgery everyone is. Rather than attack my message, Theo tries to discredit me by showing my outburst. That is typical of this world that when you cannot attack the message, then resort to attacking the man.  Rather than get upset that our Commander in Chief is a fraud and has committed a felony, Theo wants to point out how angry the redneck is in the truck?!  That is typical of our apathetic society. The bible said that times would come when they will not endure sound doctrine.

  Also, I still wholeheartedly believe that Kent’s son Eric Hovind did wrong and deceptively raised funds in Dr. Hovind’s name and these funds were not used for their intended purpose. I even have a sworn affidavit from Jeff Utzler regarding this.   In regards to the video my wife Erin and I made about Eric Hovind, I didn’t see any refutation of the content that of that video.  Also, Theo’s playing of looney tunes clip shows that Theo doesn’t understand the difference between the words talk and text.  I highly suspect that Theo was concerned that after Eric saw my video, that Eric would get mad at Theo and either kick him out of DAL or lock him up in the garage.  So, it was from a place of self-interest that Theo was mad that we made that video, not concern for the Hovind family.  Theo likes to paint himself as the guardian of the Hovind family who has abandoned Dr. Hovind, which is laughable.

  It is ironic that I came out long ago against the book “The Shack” before this open feud of Dr. Hovind and Theo.  The book promotes “unconditional forgiveness”, which I do not think is biblical. The main theme is that a parent forgives the murderer of a child without the murderer asking for forgiveness.  Erin and I even did a video on the topic of “unconditional forgiveness” and how this is unbiblical.  Luke 17:3 clearly says that there is a condition upon forgiving our brother which is never brought up in the book “The Shack”.  So, while Kent and I disagree on whether the book is good or not, I don’t feel the need to tear down his ministry because of our difference. We also strongly disagree on the topic of geocentrism, but again, I don’t claim that Dr. Hovind is “evil” because he doesn’t share my world view.   I refuted Jen Fishburne a long time ago regarding her statements about “worse than rape” so I have no further comments on her or her credibility.  All the innuendos and creepy music about Jaworski is so baseless that it doesn’t require a response for the simple minded and immature people who are beguiled in this low-grade propaganda video.
 The idea that somehow Brady Byrum made a financial killing off Dr. Hovind is absurd.  Brady can speak for himself but I stand behind my friend Brady and know Brady to be a man of the highest integrity.  Also, there is nothing wrong with Hovind wanting to get paid millions for his wrongful conviction and incarceration and to have his case overturned and to have the judges and prosecutors held accountable for their wrongdoings.  I admire that Dr. Hovind is still fighting for this to happen and the evildoers to be held accountable and pray that he never gives up that fight until he achieves victory.   Knowing Dr. Hovind, that money from the lawsuit will be used to the glory of God.

   In closing, I will say that God worked a mighty miracle to free Dr. Hovind from prison after 9 years of being wrongfully incarcerated. He sat in a prison cell year after year with little to no attention from the body of Christ and abandoned by even some within his family.  It is also obvious to me that Kent was threatened by an anti-Christian judge with another 20 years for simply mailing a letter.   God used a few selfless souls to come together to make noise and shine light to free Kent and now we are grateful to the Lord to have his unrestrained voice again in the world and speaking up on Kingdom issues instead of muted behind prison bars.  Nothing Theo or any of the bitter, jealous, simple-minded, immature, poodle, snowflake, millennial, moocher, looter or government boot licker can take glory away from God for that victory.  Kent is now free and we will not let you losers put him back in prison.  Get used to Dr. Kent Hovind being a free man once again because I believe the Lord has mighty things in store for the future of Dr. Kent Hovind and his new wife. And praise the Lord God Almighty that the good Lord has blessed Dr. Hovind with a beautiful woman who loves and supports him.  Also, I am no longer puzzled at why such a popular teacher like Dr. Hovind sat year after year after year in a jail cell with little to no public interest.  The body of Christ simply did not deserve the blessing that is Dr. Kent Hovind when we chose to remain silent about his wrongful conviction.  Let us all keep fighting for other innocent political prisoners.  Dr. Hovind is not the only one and we must not allow the losers to slow down our efforts free other unjustly incarcerated brothers and sisters in Christ and give glory to Jesus Christ in the process.
Faithful to Jesus until death,

Another County Heard From

Just as I was getting ready to wrap this, I heard from Robert Baty, Kent Hovind's most indefatigable critic.  Here is what Bob has to say

My comments, for what they are worth to you, are limited in scope.  Others, including yourself, have a lot more professional insight into such things and will/have offered evaluations.

I think that Theo's documentary is a valuable addition to the continue Hovind story, and one must realize, to some extent, the sort of people that will be attracted to work for Hovind, such as Theo.  We have to accept the baggage they bring with them if they should "flip" as Theo has.

I think there is a certain "consciousness of guilt", on some level, in the way Theo has been prosecuting his cause against Kent; without regard to the merits of his criticisms of Kent.

As far as I can tell, Theo remains very much a "mystery" man because he has yet to fully present his own history and that of his wife.  

He seems to be the same as Theodore Valenzuela who was extensively discussed in my former FaceBook groups.

Did he legally change his name to Valentine?
What's the story on that?

So many details are missing from his resume.

He seems to have traveled freely with Kent as Kent tried to set him up with Russian/Ukrainian women, with some success but only, apparently, temporarily.

Same goes for Lenae?
What's her resume look like and just how did she get hooked up with Theo?

It is also my opinion that no documentary on Kent would be complete without an adequate discussion of my part in his evolving story.

I did not hear/see anything in Theo's documentary that proposed to present my part in the Hovind story.

Yet, he mentioned you, Peter, Rudy Davis, Jen Fishburne, Wyatt Mickas, Billy Summers & Mark Hill.

Why does Theo not want to talk about me and my part in the Hovind story?
Is it because of his own part in the Hovind attack on me?

Peter J Reilly CPA has been following the trials and tribulations of Kent Hovind since 2012.


  1. My challenge to Kent Hovind, to debate his false legal narrative and possibly related matters, is outstanding.



  2. I notice the cowardly Rudy Davis also wrote, in part:

    - "Theo trashed a popular Kent Hovind facebook
    - page administered by my wife."

    Could that be a reference to the website?

    It was long speculated that Theo and Rudy's wife Erin and Ernie Land, as operatives for Kent Hovind, were running that website.

    Rudy and his wife, Erin, & Ernie, have a lot to answer for regarding that site and the attacks it launched against me.

    Alas, to date, they have been too cowardly to face me and deal with, for example, Kent's fundamental legal falsehood:

    Proposition for Debate:

    Structuring requires 2 or more transactions,
    of $10,000 or less,
    on the same day,
    that total more than $10,000.

    - Kent Hovind: Affirm
    - Erin Davis: (To Affirm or Deny)
    - Rudy Davis: (To Affirm or Deny)
    - Ernie Land: (To Affirm or Deny)
    -Robert Baty: Deny

    1. re: "Proposition for Debate"

      You know, Robert. As much as I appreciate the zeal with which you have dogged Kent Hovind's career over the years, your endless and pointless "propositions for debate" grew tiresome a long time ago, along with the childish taunts that are more suited to a teenage YouTube troll than a retired tax official.

      This is why I haven't visited your website in an age (that and the hopelessly awful layout and organization, last time I looked -- you make Rudy look like a consummate professional web designer).

    2. I have heard that a lot about the WordPress site.

      Perhaps it looks different to others than it does to me (i.e. like FaceBook).

      I find it at least bearable.

      It is, however, on loan from someone else who set it up for me and someone else tried to improve it some time ago.

      I have muddled around trying to figure it out, and trying to improve the appearance is beyond my technical abilities.

      I disagree as to the propositions being "pointless".

      They continue to reflect, in my opinion, various outstanding issues that Kent continues to evade even while he continues to promote his false legal narrative.

      Thanks for your feedback, Tacitus.


  3. Yeah, anybody looking for a secular expose on Hovind will come away a bit disappointed. There was some good stuff in there that can be used to expose the seedier side of Hovind's "ministry" but Theo holds back on documentation, in part to keep it short(er), but he could have linked up all his documentation and provided the same link to other documentation/recordings he claims to hold out.

    To me, the interesting thing to see is what else is shaken out of the Hovind/follower tree as a result of Theo's video.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. lol at least I want a little bit of credit for predicting that Theo was freekenthovind after I was satisfied it was not Erin. The articles sounded just like THEO's dire predictions that the government was trying to kill Kent when he was in solitary confinement for protection

  5. See:

    Text of message posted below Theo's video:

    (Begin quote.)

    @ VoteForTrump

    I was wondering if Deborah was going to remind me of where she went after she left Kent's compound.

    Now I remember.

    Deborah wrote above:

    - "Robert Baty is butt hurt that Theo will not refer
    - to him in any way, due to the vile things Baty has
    - said in the past about him and his wife. He doesn't
    - deserve Theo's attention."

    Seems Deborah is running interference for Theo in trying lay out a false narrative as to why Theo, for all his efforts, didn't cover my part in the Hovind story. Deborah, like Theo, have a lot they want to keep secret about their own exploits in days gone by.

    I liked Theo's coverage, but it left a lot to be desired as others have been noting. Leaving out my part is just one small example of how the quality of his work suffers.


    (End quote.)

  6. And so now the rumor is going around that Mary and Kent have split up and she's moved off the compound.

    Has she, or hasn't she?

    We wait for confirmation of the rumor or a refutation.