Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Ed Brown Thinks I Have A Staff - Go Figure

I'm starting small, but may be working my way into being a youtube celebrity.  My own youtube channel is a collection done mainly by Interlock Media covering Kent Hovind and Jill Stein, but now some of my blogging work is being featured on other youtube channels.  I wrote about the recent appearance of a forbes.com piece on Bryan Delinger's channel.  Bryan is a King James only preacher who thinks that both Kent Hovind and I are Jesuits.

Rudy Davis

And then there is Rudy Davis.  One of the things I really admire about Rudy is the heart that he has for people who are in prison.  He was probably the most vocal Hovindicator - those fighting for the freedom of Kent Hovind, who is now in Lenox Alabama building a new Dinosaur Adventureland.

Now he has taken up Ed and Elaine Brown, who, as it happens were covered by me briefly in 2012 when I wrote about the First Circuit turning down their appeal and referencing supportive statements from then Presidential candidate Ron Paul.

I Show Ed Brown The Law

Ed Brown refused to pay income taxes until someone in authority "showed him the law" that required him to pay.  Rudy sent my article and also a print-out of a link from quatloos titled "Here is the Law That Makes the Average American Liable for the Income Tax".    I have since boiled the quatloos commentary into a handy little numerical mnenomic 26-1-61-6012, which I discuss at some length in this post about the three letters, according to Kent Hovind, proved that he had done nothing wrong.

 Title 26 of the United States Code.  Section 1 imposes an income tax on individuals.  Section 61 defines income very, very broadly including, by way of example, "compensation for services" and Section 6012 requires the filing of a return if your income is over very modest thresholds.
Not According To Ed Brown 

I did not have much hope that Ed Brown would respond well to me "showing him the law".  And that is the way it turned out as you can see here.

Here is his response.  I did some light editing, but you can see the original on the video, in case you want to check that I did not misrepresent anything.


Dear Rudy:

Thank you for the article re Pardon by Ron Paul. The article is in a seemingly sensible format, however it is rife with error.  The individual that wrote it comes from a place of Hegelian study and works i.e. Communist agenda.  He is a spin doctor and not a very good one.  I would like to do a face to face with him on a national show one day.  It would take that long to expose all the criminal weaving and creation of the law, such as the bogus 13th, 14th and 16th amendments.

The author is a condescending Liberal who supports the New World Order.  A check on his affiliations would verify this quickly.  He has the privilege of the bogus national news media, the entire status quo liberal government and an endless support of staff to convince the population how wonderful and clever he is and how, as he writes, stupid and insane anyone who objects to the unlawful, foreign controlled IRS, Federal Reserve, and B.A.R. (British Accredited Registry), communist News Media.

Everyone needs to understand that every time from the first trial we tried to present the truth before the court of government at any level we were denied the right to speak. We have never been allowed to present any of our evidence or witnesses to this day.  No one has ever sat down to a face to face with me or my wife that the public has ever seen or heard.  This is why they put us into the CMU.  To keep us silent.

I must get to a very public and live hearing.  The courts know that I know.  That is why they are all recusing themselves from current cases in the appellate and district courts, The Secret Service, FBI, Supreme Court, news media, governor, etc.  all my presentments.  Total silence.

I am a United States Constitution Ranger who always paid all taxes as the record show.  The money to cover the IRS taxes was in escrow.

I offered to pay the tax in court of the record of the Government could show me the law and neither Mr. Reilly of the Government has done so. "Any law that violates any of the Articles of the organic Constitution are to be ignored from their inception and are null and void." Am Jur

The crimes of the Crown B.A.R. are documented from the Magna Charter and the beginning of the united States. This Crown is located within the City of London called the City.  Anyway, I have the answers but need to make my report to the correct Republic government Official. So I wait.

Thank you.  I don't know how to get to you the large amount of information that proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt that the income taxes are bogus without a presentation.

You need the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

How do we do it?




Really Not Funny

Of course there is a temptation for me to be amused by this.  I joked with Rudy that I was having trouble finding the staff that is supposed to be providing me with endless support.

The only critique that I am going to present is that Mr. Brown makes it clear that he was being just a bit disingenuous when he managed to get his supporters to say that he just wanted someone to show him the law that required him to pay income tax.  The law is in Title 26 of the United States Code (The Internal Revenue Code) and for all the talk about how complicated and confusing the law is, the basic requirement illustrated by Sections 1, 61 and 6102 are not complicated.

What Mr. Brown apparently wants is to be shown a law that is in his view, as a United States Constitution Ranger, is valid.

The reason this is not funny is that he and his wife, given their age, will be spending the rest of their lives in federal prison as did Irwin Schiff.

The article that is under discussion is this one and you will see that it is mainly a report on this First Circuit decision that upheld their conviction.  I would be interested in hearing from them their account of the events leading up to their arrest.  I did not make it clear enough that I was taking the decision at face value.

Very Sad

Like Rudy, I think it is a very sad thing that Mr. and Mrs. Brown are spending the rest of their lives in prison.  Very few people who fail to pay income taxes ever end up doing any time, but of course they tend to be more passive aggressive rather than openly defiant.  I asked Rudy that if we assume, for the sake of argument, that the tax laws are actual laws, what we need to do with people who flat out defy them.

Rudy indicated that he is giving the matter some thought.  Maybe denial of government services.  In another email he reflected more on the subject.and the statement that I find most compelling is
To imprison Ed and Elaine Brown for the the rest of their life and take all their belongings is wrong
Much as I believe that the Browns problems are entirely of their own making, I have to sympathize with that view.

At any rate, I have offered this venue for any material that Ed Brown wants the public to know about.  We'll see how that goes.  I think that Ron Paul owes the Browns a visit in prison and such aid as he can render.  As a matter of fact anybody who is out there telling people that the income tax laws are not real should be reaching out and helping the Browns.  Particularly if they are making money at it.

You Don't Get To Have Your Very Own Constitution

My bottom line on theories that somehow we deviated from the real Constitution at some point - in the case of the Browns (it is around 1865 at the latest) and we can just roll back to that point is that that is not the ways law and constitutions work.

There can be a truth about the physical universe in which you are right and everybody else is wrong, but not about human laws.  If there is overwhelming consensus on what the law is, then that is the law.  If you can convince people it is something different, then it will be something different, one way or another.

I would be really surprised if it turned out that, as Rudy believes, the earth is about 6,000 years old and has the sun orbiting around it.  The truth of those propositions, though is independent of belief, so I can't tell Rudy he is definitely wrong because of all these people who believe he is wrong.  And their changing their minds would not make him right.

Different story with the income tax.  If the whole judiciary, legislature and executive believes that it is constitutional, then it is.  If a preponderance of them change their minds, then the reality changes.

If You Care

If you want to encourage Ron Paul to reach out to the Browns, Rudy tells you how.

About The Constitutional Rangers

It appears that the United States Constitution Rangers went more or less moribund, but someone by the name of William Miller seems to have picked up the torch.
As far as I know, there is no man who has served the Rangers, as regards their original intent, nor even beginning to comprehend their original intent, more productively than I, other than Pappy Louis Robertson, who found the original charter and shield in the first place.

At least, I believe I have cracked the historical code, and I am certainly taking pro-active leadership measures, to insure that the Rangers will endure, and that the Rangers' history will make some compelling sense to someone who may care.


Peter J Reilly CPA, rumors to the contrary notwithstanding, does not have a large staff, or any staff at all, is not a Jesuit and is not affiliated with the New World Order - at least as far as he knows.


  1. Peter,

    While I like your coverage, I think the fundamental point might have been emphasized even a bit more.

    That is, when someone like Ed, Rudy, Kent, et al, go around ranting for someone to just "show me the law" they are not, not, not, not asking for information such as you supplied with:

    "The only critique that I am going to present
    is that Mr. Brown makes it clear that he was
    being just a bit disingenuous when he managed
    to get his supporters to say that he just wanted
    someone to show him the law that required him to
    pay income tax. The law is in Title 26 of the
    United States Code (The Internal Revenue Code)
    and for all the talk about how complicated and
    confusing the law is, the basic requirement
    illustrated by Sections 1, 61 and 6102 are not

    They know the law.
    They disagree with the law.
    They want to start an argument.
    They want to explain why they think the law is not the law.

    Rudy's coverage of Ed & Elaine Brown make it clear, at least to me, that Ed & Elaine Brown knew the law and simply wanted to set up an argument so they could explain why the law is not the law.

    For those that don't think so, try again to show the references in the above article to Ed Brown and see if he repeats what he has already stated; his position as to why the law is not the law.

    It's a great gimmick, and they've gotten a lot of miles out of it.

    I think a good analogy could be made with reference to Kent Hovind and his people regarding "structuring".

    Kent has never, to my knowledge, provided any legal basis for his claim as to what structuring requires and I have consistently challenged him and his people to come out and deal with what has, in my opinion, become Kent's Lie about "structuring".

    I think if Kent were ever compelled to deal publicly with the substance of his structuring problem, and he has already and repeatedly admitted there is a structuring law, he might very well resort to claiming it's not really the law after all.

    Wasn't it you, Peter, who referred to what is going on with Kent, Rudy, Ed, et al; they are making a lot of noise that is simply rattling around in their little "echo chamber" where they try to keep to themselves and be happy and raise money?

  2. Kent Hovind's convicted co-conspirator is boasting about his non-compliance today.

    See: http://www.pauljjhansen.com/?p=1564

    (Begin text.)

    IRS, self-assessment, Never Self Assess Yourself !!!
    Posted on December 7, 2016 by Paul John Hansen

    Hansen has not filed for sixteen years, IRS, or
    State refuses to get a legal claim.

    I have not filed since the year of 2000, that is
    when I cam to understand that the 1040 IRS Tax
    Form was a contract for services from the UNITED STATES.

    I have since then possessed 28 homes, apartments, and
    rental unites.

    So why would the IRS, or the state, start a action
    against me?

    It is because I know the right challenge procedure,
    taught to me by a lawyer in the year of 2000. Remember
    a IRS computer can not bill you only an agent can, and
    it must be sworn under his personal liability, that is
    their greatest weakness if you know how to exploit it.

    All they, or some IRS, or state computer, ever do is
    occasionally send me an unsigned computer generated bill
    for various years. See an example of one for claimed
    taxable income of $332,498.00 in 2004 below.

    [Go to link for graphic.]

    (End text.)

  3. And Rudy Davis has just now sent out an emergency alert regarding Wiley Drake and allegations that the IRS is coming down hard on Wiley if he doesn't pay $50,000.00 +.

    See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2rI9aIH94Y


    1. Rudy, Erin and I made appearances, via phone, on Wiley Drake's live broadcast tonight.

      The archived program should be available before long at:


      It was a conference call set up, and I finally decide to try and engage Wiley around the 45 minute mark.

      Rudy and Erin got in their say before that.


    2. I was a little off.

      Here's the link to the archived show:


      My substantive comments start around the 40:40 mark and continue after one or more subsequent callers' comments.

      Wiley had brought up his notice, of course, but he also brought up those bulldozers at the IBT and so I challenged him on that as well.

    3. Wiley Drake v. Robert Baty - Bulldozing the IBT!

      See: http://kehvrlb.com/wiley-drake-v-robert-baty-bulldozing-the-ibt