Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hovind Ministries In URL Tug Of War

During the run-up to his trial last year one of the things that was remarked about Kent Hovind was that he was not getting a lot of support in Pensacola.  Well now that he has moved up to Lenox, Alabama Kent seems to have decided to burn some of his Pensacola bridges.  He has already gone public about his divorce and his dispute with his son Eric's ministry God Quest, which by his account appropriated something like $2 million dollars worth of stuff from his CSE ministry, which they should now give back.

The latest turn in the dispute is Kent calling out the board members of God Quest, including the proprietor of the Drowsy Poet about www.CreationSciencEvangelism.com which links to Creation Today, which is run by God Quest.  Kent is asking his followers to contact them.

They have taken up the call over at Lonestar1776 first with Erin Davis scolding Eric Hovind to "STOP STEALING from your own Father NOW! Exo 20:12"

The best part is around 4:40 where Erin voices over Kent with a slapping sound and "Somebody needs a spanking".

Rudy followed up with more detailed instructions about contacting the board members.

I heard from Eric Hovind that God Quest will be responding to any inquiries generated by these videos with the following response.


Thank you for contacting Creation Today. This response is to help with the confusion and misinformation given on a YouTube video posted by Kent Hovind regarding www.CreationScienceEvangelism.com.God Quest, Inc. registered the name “Creation Science Evangelism” as a dba of God Quest, Inc. in 2007 in the state of Florida and has maintained its ownership since that time. (See link below.) In 2015, a new for-profit business was registered in Utah with the name “Creation Science Evangelism.”  Then in 2016, a 501(c)(3) not‑for‑profit entity was established and registered on February 23, 2016 in the state of Florida under the title “Creation Science Evangelism Ministry.” (See link below.) These new entities may be what are causing some of the confusion and misinformation to circulate.

Some have asked, “Why does a search in Google for ‘Creation Science Evangelism’ give ‘Creation Today’ as the first result?”
Google gives results based on domain authority and page ranking. Creation Today has no control over what website appears first when doing a search for Creation Science Evangelism. The Creation Today website has been ranked by Google as an outstanding website and therefore is the first result when people search for “Creation Science Evangelism.” This Google search will not even bring up the website www.CreationScienceEvangelism.com and therefore Google never directs anyone to www.CreationScienceEvangelism.com. 

Therefore, any confusion about entity names is because people are searching Google for “Creation Science Evangelism,” not because they are typing in “CreationScienceEvangelism.com.”  Creation Today cannot control what Google does in their page rankings and has never intentionally deceived people to get them to visit our site or donate to the wrong ministry. Our website is very clear in its presentation of who we are and what we do.

Please note that the new 501(c)(3) not‑for‑profit entity established in 2016, “Creation Science Evangelism Ministry,” was informed that the domain matching their name, www.CreationScienceEvangelismMinistry.com, was still available and they have now obtained it through a domain service provider.

Kent Hovind has been very clear about the websites that he owns and refers people to: drdino.com and 2peter3.com. Both of these websites are listed in the rankings for a word search on “Creation Science Evangelism.” Both direct you to Kent Hovind’s website, 2peter3.com.

For future reference, please go to 2Peter3.com to reach Kent Hovind’s website.

Thank you again for your interest and for loving the creation message. Let’s use that message today to impact eternity.

God Quest Inc. registration as Creation Science Evangelism


Hovindologists will for the most part be just sitting back and munching the popcorn at this latest episode in Real Creationists Of Escambia County (or maybe it is the spinoff Real Creationists of Conecuh County).

For the record I should note that my own son is an administrator on this site and that any time he wants to steal it from me, he is welcome to it. I'd love to have a debate going on the merits of the arguments of the two organizations.  I should be better at this stuff than I am but I think it is not accurate to really refer to www.CreationScienceEvangelism.com as a website.  Rather it is a URL that points to a website.  Also the phrase "confusion and misinformation given on a YouTube video posted by Kent Hovind" seems redundant, but maybe that is just me.

Peter J Reilly hopes to be the first tax blogger to give up his day job.  


  1. Thanks for getting that response from Eric and posting it.

    I was figuring it must be something like that which would explain Kent's problem.

    As for me, Kent's people have mounted another attack on me today; just about 30 minutes ago.

    That attack was on Kent's nominee "Free Kent Hovind" FaceBook page at:



  2. Hmm, I think Eric's reply is more than a little disingenuous by focusing on the Google search and saying it's outside his control what comes up.

    Kent's main gripe is clearly that the domain name in question, www.CreationScienceEvangelism.com, routes users to the CreationToday.org website, though without the usual redirect that changes the URL in the address bar, which is a little curious too.

    So, I have absolutely no doubt that Rudy will be posting a "no more Mr. Nice Guy" video within the next couple of days pointing this out, taking the gloves off (doesn't take much) and raging about Eric's and the other board members' lack of Christian ethics regarding the matter.

    I have no doubt that the domain name legally belongs to Eric, and he can do anything he wants with it, but this spat clearly shows there is no love lost between Kent and his son right now.

    The popcorn is a-popping, that's for sure.

  3. Kent's surrogates have now posted Eric's reply, along with commentary at:



  4. All this has proven is what we've known for years and years: there's no honor among thieves!

  5. I'm no fan of Kent Hovind, but he has a point here. Whether the URL comes up in google or not is irrelevant. Kent Hovind started CSE and while, he was put in prison, that doesn't mean he lost his stake in the business.

    For ten years, Eric Hovind sold his father's videos, operated out of property Kent purchased and even used material from Kent's sermons in Eric's speaking engagements. In fact, Kent's name continued to be prominently featured on Eric's Creation Today website until last year, which led Kent's supporters to believe that by supporting Eric they were also helping Kent.

    What did Kent get from this? Did he get royalties? Did he get a percentage of the business (ie Creation Store) Eric was using to sell those items and promote his speaking engagements?

    Furthermore, if Kent was calling the shots from prison that further means he continued to have a leadership role in the business.

    It would have been better for father and son to have had a written agreement of what would happen to the business and the expectations of Eric's role. However, its too late for that. If Eric did not compensate Kent for all those assets he acquired from Kent's business that means Kent was cheated.

    Again I'm no fan of Kent. That Eric doesn't have a sharp substantive rebuttal of his role and his father's role means he's hiding something.

    1. Yeah that is a good analysis. The only problem is that it probably does not line up well with Kent's position versus the government. He was found by the Tax Court to owe over $3 million from nearly a decade's worth of unfiled returns during which period he was arguing that he had taken a vow of poverty and everything was owned by a ministry that was separate and apart from him. The new CSE indicates that Kent is neither an agent or employee, but they have an undisclosed contract with him.

      So it is a bit of a tangled web.

    2. Yes, Peter I agree. But those are separate issues and problems for Kent, not so much Eric. His double game of claiming he had no assets and everything belongs to "God" while he complains that the government seized money and property that had his name on it is silly.

      There aren't even mental gymnastics you can take to justify his excuses. In 2000, for example, when a VHS was sold did the money go into an account with Hovind's name on it or God? Did Hovind then use the money in the account?

      Not really a tangled web.

      Hovind says point blank if you "work for God" people will give you stuff. At the 2:30 he mark: "I'm going to tell you how to make money": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qu6sRX46JAA

      The name of the video is literally titled "How to Make Money." It is NOT titled "how to make money for God." It is about working in ministry and being materially rewarded by people for it.

      Peter if you haven't seen it, please watch it. The video is quite instructive of Hovind's mentality and operations. Watch as Hovind talks about people giving him cars (watch from the 39:30 minute mark). Hovind says, "You can work for the Lord and when the Lord wants you to have [a motorcycle], he'll give you one. That thing you're working so hard for . . . someone already has one in their closet they're not using anymore and if you serve the Lord the Lord will provide for you."

      The stuff doesn't become God's. It enriches the individual.