Saturday, May 14, 2016

Almost Heaven Alabama - The New Dinosaur Adventure Land

So it looks like the new Dinosaur Adventure Land is taking shape quickly at 488 Pearl Lane Lenox, AL

Kent is looking for volunteers.  His most specific recent appeal was for plumbers and electricians. Something to clean up before we get to that though.

The Family Drama - Real Creationists of Escambia County

The story of Kent's troubles with Eric and Jo seems to still have oomph to it.  This video is pretty dramatic and it is only three days old.  Nonetheless, it seems that Kent wants his supporters to lay off the altogether wicked mother-son team that has robbed him.  He discusses it beginning around 26:15 in this video saying that it is family business and that he thinks highly of both his son and his wife. What is annoying is that he chastises people for doing something he asked them to. It was Kent more than anyone who put the divorce, asset grab, eviction controversy into the public square.

More Evidence Of Intelligent Design

At any rate, I could not help myself.  I just had to look into the new DAL site.  And I have to say it seems like another example of Kent's Heavenly Father looking out for him.

Lenox is unincorporated.  Conecuh County with a population just over 13,000 covers over 850 square miles.  I've developed a source in the County who prefers to remain anonymous. Let's call him Charley.

 Charley tells me that there are no restrictions on building.  So nobody will be bugging Kent about not having pulled permits.  The sheriff department is getting by with about five full-time deputies, so people don't expect police help at the drop of a hat.  Alabama is open carry and many people have concealed carry permits, but people would not look kindly on guys parading around with long guns.

Charley's big concern and according to him that of some of the neighbors is Kent's association with the Sovereign Citizen movement.  That and whether the DAL site will end up being home to some sort of cult.  There is not, however, any sort of rush to judgement and many will be quite sympathetic to Kent's religious views.

A little feature of Conecuh that I did not discuss with Charley is gender demographics.  For every 100 females over the age of 18 in Conecuh there are only 84.3 males.  So there is another incentive for you single guys to volunteer to help build DAL.

I asked Ernie Land about how things are going with the new neighbors.
I have had several personal experiences with the local people. These are all good Alabama people with a heart in Country. They are very conservative, and by large percentage good Christian people. I have not sensed any push back to our like feelings of believing in this Country as it was founded. Many have the same sovereign citizen belief structure. I have not sensed any push back or feelings of a cult. People are coming and going from the property in a regular basis. The local officials have worked with us, met with us, and supported us with welcome arms. We enjoy their acceptance and look to have great relationships with the local people.
Ernie indicates that the plan is to be conventionally tax compliant.  So there is reason to be optimistic that Dinosaur Adventure Land will run smoothly without government interference.


Peter J Reilly CPA has a serious tax blog to run. For close to continuous coverage of Kent Hovind check out Bob Baty's dedicated facebook page.


  1. Here's another recent video that provides a little more condemnation to Kent's opposition than the one linked in the article above, and it is from a fan of Hovind who worked for him, has been divorced, used to be an atheist (allegedly), and has had her 4 kids taken away from her, and has nor married a Hovind-like preacher.

    She condemns Eric, Jo, Hovind's kids, and Hovind's grandkids, and she offer some marital advice and attempts to explain what might have happened between Kent and Jo.

    It's 22 minutes (the woman has other pro-Hovind videos out as well):

    1. Wow, Alyssa Carone is a piece of work, and to find her weighing in on Kent Hovind--my oh my. Several months ago, I followed Alyssa down the rabbit hole, trying to find out how she had gotten married, had a bunch of kids, and was now married to a Baptist pastor in Dearborn, MI. I did finally figure it out (married, divorced, remarried and at some point lost custody). She preaches around Dearborn, particularly to the Muslim community and posts her outreach videos to YouTube.

      Of course, she is saying that Prince Nelson Rogers is in hell and that, to me is anathema. ;) (Seriously, Prince's death has hit me very hard.)

    2. You are far from what the Bible teaches about Jesus and you will be in Hell with Prince if you dont accept Jesus blood alone for your salvation something Prince failed to do. Instead followed cult practices. You are delusional at best.

    3. You can believe what you wish but it doesn't make you right, the bible tells us that Jesus was in "hell" 3 days, only not the fiery place of torment some Christian's like to threaten people with. Hell is a mistranslation of the Hebrew word Sheolwhich simply means the grave, so do some research instead of spouting untrue accusations.

  2. Kent Hovind may have found a retirement center in Alabama and I hope he does due diligence before opening up any business by that name... Just saying...

    1. See:


    I have heard that when it comes to website addresses and such things, the price can run into some real money and Ernie and Kent's investors seem to have deep pockets when it comes to such things.


    Everyone is making money off Kent these days with his multi-million development program for Kent's Kamp, Kommune, and Kompound in Lenox, AL.

    Maybe the owner of that website and related assets can make a profit on his investment; a very tidy profit if Kent and Ernie think "Dinosaur Adventure Land" is worth anything commercially.

  4. Peter,

    Kent, with all his talent, has corrupted himself. That should be a lesson for all. Baty, with much less talent...well we don't need to go there.

    1. I don't know if that is supposed to be compliment or a slight!

  5. Eddie Hagler indicts Jo Hovind today!

    Link to thread on Kent Hovind page:

    Personal FaceBook link:


    From: Eddie Hagler
    Date: Saturday, May 28, 2016
    Time: About 2:00 PM MT

    I know how it feels to be betrayed by a wife.

    I spent 18 years married to a woman who is
    supposed to be a Christian only to have her
    ask for a divorce... Totally unfair. But you know
    it turns out I am better off without her constant
    judgementalism in my life.