Monday, February 29, 2016

Ernie Land On Kent Hovind's March Surprise

The tiny band of Hovindoligists is still in reaction to his mysterious announcement that a big push for Hovindication will be coming in the next three weeks.  Kent made the revelation at the end of a Q & A session at a presentation on health and the bible at the Slavic Baptist Church in Shakopee MN. Kent seems to be making great inroads with Russian Baptists.

I was wondering a bit about the Slavic Baptist churches. I poked around and found this article and then checked in with Rev William Thornton, the SBC Plodder, who is my go-to guy on all matters evangelical. He wrote me
My denomination does US church planting in many languages and ethnic groups. The church featured is SBC. Local to me are many Hispanic, Hmong, Korean, Vietnamese, Haitian, etc., baptist churches. I don't know anything about Hovind being big in these. The author of the article is a colleague of mine.
He is referring to the California church in the article I found.  At any rate, I need to do more work on this, but it appears that the Russian Baptists that Kent is courting have not brought a Russian form of Baptism to the United States, but rather have picked up on American old time religion.

Kent's announcement came near the end of this video starting at 2:40:37

It was a Q&A session with written questions and he specifically picked the question on why he had been in jail as one he wanted to address.  He gave his standard innocence narrative that indicates the only thing he ever did was take his own money out of the bank and then indicated that will be starting a petition drive that with the attainment of 5,000 signature will lead to an investigation of his case, his exoneration and the payment of over $8 million.

I couldn't figure out how that is supposed to work.  So I checked in with Ernie Land, Kent's consigliere.  Here is what I got.

This is all third party, but on Kent and Jo Hovind’s original case. I do know there will be a petition signature request by Brady Byrum and a couple Attorney’s who are reviewing his research. The petition will be for Congress to review the case and it will focus on what I am told is fraud by the Government and conspiracy in that fraud by the Judge, which are not time barred in the nature of what research has found. I have seen the power point presentation Brady will be using, and it really nails the misuse of the codes that were allowed to be used in the grand jury indictments of that case. I do not hold out a lot of hope that anything will happen except delay and deny by the Government, but those American’s that watch Brady’s presentation will come to a knowledge that once again the Justice system and the DOJ not only misused law but violated law. I think the Government has underestimated the people, which is why I feel Trump can pull off a victory in the race to become President. We the people, at least the average and ordinary grassroots American people are fed up with the Feds.
Brady Byrum is a familiar name, but I have not learned a lot about him, so I will leave this as a project for my commenters.


Peter J Reilly CPA makes his living doing tax returns and planning, but hopes to be the first tax blogger to give up his day job.  He has been a Hovindologist since 2012.


It is kind of fascinating watching Kent perform with his words being translated into Russian.  The question before the jail one, where he explains King James only was really confusing.  I'm wondering why he did not point out the definitive Russian translation.  It was pretty clear that a lot of Hovind's jokes did not translate that well into Russian judging by reactions.


  1. Yes, Kent has referred to Brady Byrum as his "legal researcher" in Texas.

    He's basically a "sovereign citizen" type.

    Brady one or more times tried to intervene in Kent's court proceedings and was told by the judge to get lost; he is neither an attorney or a party to the cases.

    Brady information can be readily found on the Internet.

  2. Despite my entreaties, neither Kent Hovind or his Champion have come out to discuss Kent's criminal conduct and false legal narrative.

    It seems that Kent and his people are still looking for a loophole, a technicality, a diversion to keep Kent from ever having to accept responsibility for his long, long, long history of criminal conduct and the sending of his wife to prison.

    My invitation, however, remains outstanding and pinned to the top of my Hovind dedicated FaceBook page at:

  3. Here's a link to one of Brady Byrum's interviews.

    It reflects the common interests sovereign citizens have in giving local folks a hard time over trivial legal matters.

  4. Some may be aware that some local sovcit up in Oregon tried to pull the same sort of stunt and intervene in the Bundy legal proceedings, and he got the same reaction by the Court last week.

    Here's one example of how Brady Byrum tried to intervene in Kent Hovind's case:





    Case No. 3:14cr91/MCR

    O R D E R

    Your document, Amicus Curiae Entry of Newly
    Discovered Exculpatory Evidence by Sworn Affidavit
    of Brady Byrum (received on March 2, 2015), was
    referred to the undersigned with the following

    The individual who signed the document is not
    an attorney admitted to practice in the NORTHERN
    DISTRICT OF FLORIDA [See N.D. Fla. Loc. R. 11.1(C)].

    The filing party is not a party to this case and is
    not an attorney of record in the above case.

    The document does not conform to N.D. Fla. Loc.
    R. 26.2(A) regarding the submission of discovery.

    For these reasons, IT IS ORDERED that:

    The submitted hard copy of the document shall
    be returned by the Clerk without electronic filing.

    this 3rd day of March, 2015.

    s/ M. Casey Rodgers


  5. Kent and Ernie like to keep their secrets.


    It appears they have again been willing to mention Brady Byrum but dare not mention any legitimate attorney claimed to be reviewing the surprise.

    I think Kent, Ernie, Brady, et al, know they are lying about their attempt to impeach Kent's investigation and prosecution, and that is one very big reason why they dare not come out and face me.

    Ernie tried and failed; failed miserably.

    However, I am still available should Ernie want to get serious about negotiating for a rematch or if Kent wants to come out and do so or send out his Champion to face me.

  6. Baty is great at calling people liars, and claiming they fail miserably and oh yes, he is just a good citizen defending what Government does, spending hours of his time doing so without any compensation. LOL! I have not time to waste on his lack of any logic. I guess he fails to see the Government lost their fight to keep me out of Court and lost the last round miserably after Baty with all his logic claimed victory was certain. So impeach the video that Brady will produce and the facts it will prove. I don't have time for it. It seems Government is losing a lot of rounds with "We the People" lately, and those in power are just to stupid to understand the grassroots are Fed up with the Feds.

    1. I don't call people liars near as often as Kent Hovind does, and I have good reasons for doing so; Kent and his people are liars when it come to Kent Hovind's legal narrative.

      Don't think so; come out, come clean and let's start the negotiations for a proper exchange of ideas on some substantive point that Kent, Ernie and their people have been promoting.

      Ernie, are you up to it?
      Can you get Kent to come out to me?

      We have a lot to talk about.

      Ernie writes:

      - "I have not time to waste on
      - Robert Baty's lack of any logic."

      See, that's a lie right there.

      Ernie knows that's a lame, false excuse to run away after popping in and popping off.

      His other claims are of a similar sort, and the record is clear that Ernie lost the issues in all of our previous engagements.

      I will prophesy, as indicated earlier, that Brady has nothing substantive to offer to show that Kent was not guilty of structuring, employment tax evasion, obstruction and FRAUD as to his personal income tax liabilities.

      Run off again now, Ernie, as you have suggested you will be doing.

      If Kent or his Champion decides to come out, come clean and openly and honestly discuss Kent's criminal activities, my challenge is open for them to accept and begin the negotiations as to the details necessary to producing a proper exchange of ideas on those matter.

      Enough of Kent, Ernie and their people trying to operate in their "echo chamber". It's time for them to come out into the light of day.

      Will they?

  7. Robert Baty is an internet stalker and harasses children on the internet who like Kent Hovind.

    He has been reported many times - Parents beware of your children. This robert baty guy is sick in the head or paid government snitch. Either one, he is dangerous.

    1. There is a good example of the kind of cowardly, lying sorts that are supporting Kent Hovind.

      Thanks for the demonstration...........again!

      And Ernie (aka DocFog) dares to challenge me on calling him and Kent liars when that is what they and their people do.

      No wonder that most of them seem to prefer to hide in the dark and enjoy the benefits of anonymity.

    2. Your facebook was in violation the other day after numerous attempts by people to have you shut down.

      You are a creepy old man that worked for the IRS and has a weird obsessions with children and teenagers that love Kent.

      You are sick in the head man.

      I hope people start pointing out how much of a weird guy you are so people will shun you away.

    3. So says a lying coward, but it's nice to know the Hovindicators are still cowardly keen on shutting down my FaceBook page dedicated to covering the Hovind case(s).

      Thanks for the continuing demonstration as to the character of Kent's Keenest Klan (KKK).

    4. Beware of "Anonymous" cowards making accusations on the internet. They hide behind their anonymity to make false accusations.

    5. lol you guys are hilarious.
      It's all over the internet. Robert Baty is the ring leader of a bunch of ungodly weirdo's

      He lies on purpose, harasses on purpose and is a weird old man living in his basement typing away at his computer.....

      Get over it... you guys, including Peter Reilly of, love the idea of following this strange old man.

    6. If Kent and his Kowards really thought my coverage of the Hovind cases was hilarious and believed the charges commonly made against me, I don't think they would be using anonymity to hide and lie and try to divert attention away from Kent's Kriminal Konduct.

      For all their whining about free speech and accountability, Kent and his Kowards are the ones who don't want others to speak freely about these important public issues and they don't want to be held accountable for their lies and admit to who is really responsible for sending Jo Hovind to prison.

    7. Your a good old man working for the devil, aren't you Robert Baty. You sad pathetic excuse for a man. People aren't scared of you and laugh at you. You are a joke. You are dangerous in and that you can cause harm to people (this is assumed by your constant harassment and obsession in stalking people and kids on the internet.

      "“Show me the man, and I'll show you the crime.”" - Lavrentiy Beria, head of Joseph Stalin's secret police

      This is the motto of you and your ilk

    8. If you show me Kent Hovind, yes, we can show you certain of his crimes:

      1. Structuring
      2. Employment tax evasion
      3. Income tax evasion
      4. Obstruction
      5. Sending his wife to prison

      Both sides laugh at the others, but that does nothing to resolve the issues in dispute.

      Show me the man Kent, or his Champion, and send them out to me.

      Here's some of the propositions we might choose from and discuss once the negotiations are complete (from the list of 40 outstanding proposed propositions):


      Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers used the term "rape" to describe Kent Hovind and/or his actions and her comments were not reported in the official transcript.

      Kent Hovind: Affirm
      Robert Baty: Deny


      Structuring requires 2 or more transactions of $10,000 or less, on the same day, that total more than $10,000.

      Kent Hovind: Affirm
      Robert Baty: Deny


      Kent Hovind's 2006 indictment is seriously flawed and fraudulent.

      Kent Hovind: Affirm
      Robert Baty: Deny


      It is not a crime to structure.

      Kent Hovind: Affirm
      Robert Baty: Deny


      You can't do structuring on a bank account that was opened before 1999.

      Kent Hovind: Affirm
      Robert Baty: Deny


      A S.W.A.T. Team was used to affect the arrest of Kent Hovind in 2006.

      Kent Hovind: Affirm
      Robert Baty: Deny


      The IRS had Kent Hovind labeled as an "underground coal miner in the Virgin Islands".

      Kent Hovind: Affirm
      Robert Baty: Deny


      The "Tax Court" filed charges against me (Kent Hovind), had a trial, and convicted me all without notifying me; just notified me I was guilty!

      Kent Hovind: Affirm
      Robert Baty: Deny


      Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers gave me (Kent Hovind) 3 years for obstruction because I prayed for the investigating agents.

      Kent Hovind: Affirm
      Robert Baty: Deny


      Just as King David killed Uriah, so Kent Hovind sent his wife to prison.

      Robert Baty: Affirm
      Kent Hovind: (To Affirm or Deny)


      Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the U.S. Constitution prohibits the Federal Government from owning, managing or building on a "wildlife refuge".

      Kent Hovind: Affirm
      Robert Baty: Deny


    9. Here you go again... you are a mental case man. Really, get some help.

      Either you are really a nutcase or you work for the Government and the Government is paying you to harass people (including children) on the internet who like Kent Hovind.


      The gig is up dude.

      We know you people are full of dead men's bones and all corruption.

      I hope someone exposes you for all the internet stalking, harassment and intimidation you use.

      People should really worry about you. If the FBI doesn't investigate you and your facebook posts for possible criminal activity (such as stalking, harassment and intimidation), we can only assume the criminal Government is defending you like they defend Hillary Clinton.

    10. So cute when Kent's Kowards engage in their antics and refuse to allow me to face my accusers; such evil made manifest in Kent's Kowards.

      They provide valuable contributions to the important public record regarding the character of Kent and the people who support him.

      It's nice to hear that apparently Kent's Kowards are continuing their efforts to lobby FaceBook in an effort to thwart my free speech rights while trying to promote Kent's right to speak out and his misguided minions' rights to speak out.

      How many hundreds of complaints must FaceBook have gotten regarding me and only a handful have been nominally successful on a very limited basis.

      My Hovind FaceBook page could disappear tomorrow and I would have still won!

      It's not about me, and they know it, but they have always tried to change the subject away from Kent and his legal problems, despite Kent's everyday insistence that his legal problems be discussed.

      Come out, come out, Kent, or send me your Champion.
      We have things to talk about.

    11. Now that I think about it, I am wondering if Kent's Koward has been popping off here because Kent's Kowards filed some complaints about me recently with FaceBook and/or the FBI and they didn't go anywhere because they were so easily found to be frivolous like hundreds/thousands before!

      Kent says he is asking for 5,000 of his people to complain about his 2006 convictions.

      How many did Kent ask to file complaints against me and/or my Hovind dedicated FaceBook page; personally or through his surrogates!

      Kent and his people can't stand the truth regarding his legal problems.

      I can help you Kent, but you have to come out or send out your Champion.

      We can talk!

  8. Even worse... Peter Reilly of allies himself with this sick and twisted individual Robert Baty.

    Peter Reilly, you need to really pick and choose your friends carefully.

    If this guy gets in trouble for what many would deem harassment, you will have to answer questions as to why you promote his tactics.

  9. Oh, geez, the anonymous, dishonest and unChristlike mice are at it again.

    (I'm an anonymous, honest, Atheist Cartoon Doggie)


  10. Anonymous, please explain why Kent told the judge at his 2007 allocution a different story to that he told the Russian congregation a couple of days ago concerning the advice he received about not taking out from his bank account more than $10,000 a day.

  11. Come on people, don't you recognize Erin when she puts up a post? LoL. As for Ernie Land, the multilevel scammer who sells mothballs to put in your gas tank, he will come and have his say, but when it comes down to the wire, he will NOT convince Hovind to debate his "lies" YES ERNIE I SAID LIES! Regarding his tax evasion both employee withholdings or personal taxes. I am honestly waiting on the day that Ernie gets charged along with Hovind for assisting the "retired" Hovind in evading what he owes US the American people! I believe it's three million and counting? Ernie the Colonel Sanders or Ray Kroc of the Dinosaur land with its free housing for Hovind, et al. Hovind AND Ernie are both typical "claim it" Christians, and I use that word loosely.

    In my humble and unbiased opinion, Hovind is doing more damage to Christianity than he is doing good. I know, I'm a Christian myself and I have encountered people who believe his tripe. He is nothing more than a conspiracy nutcase who obviously abuses his wife by sending her to prison. You guys don't expect Ernie or Hovind to come clean, they are too deep in making money, God's way. Obviously, they missed a few New Testament scriptures where God said "render unto Caesar".

    Robert, don't expect Hovind to debate you. He claims he has no debators, but after getting beat so bad on a telephone debate by "Hans Solo" and promising to do the debate over the next day. . . he failed to show up. I predict Hovind has figured out that his opponents know his little tricks and can now nail him to a wall. By the way, Hans Solo is a Christian too. . . an old earth creationist.

    1. Randy,

      I can hope, but Kent, Ernie and the others have given me no good reason, as you say, to expect Kent to come out or send out his Champion to face me and discuss his legal problems.

      To the extent I have informally engaged the likes of Kent's Ernie, Rudy, et al, they have all failed miserably to justify Kent's lying about his legal problems and, like the anonymous poster above (i.e., likely Erin as you suggest), preferred to resort to profane and vain ad hominems towards me.

      However, consistent with my hopes, I continue to hold open the invitation.

      Maybe if Kent is successful in getting his 5,000 whiners to file complaints (his Russian host said he could get 10,000 by himself via the local Russian community) and gets the national political and media attention he has been wishing for, then he will be compelled to face me or another better qualified to expose his false legal narrative and sovcit silliness for what it is.

  12. Here's a little more about Brady Byrum from a post he made to one of Jen Fishburne's websites:

    From: Brady Byrum
    Date: August 20, 2015
    Time: 11:46 PM

    Kent was convicted for failing to withhold money from people's pay, and all of their "workers" were Americans.

    Do a google search or an IRS.GOV search for DOMESTIC WITHHOLDING DOCUMENT or DOMESTIC WITHHOLDING INSTRUCTIONS and see how far you get.

    Withholding is for foreigners.

    No SS-4 Application for Employer Identification Number can yet be located that bears his signature, whereby he would have AGREED to withhold and mail it in.

    The remaining charges were for NOT REPORTING THEIR OWN CHECK CASHING.


    They don't exist!

    Maybe the banks did not file one, but neither Jo nor Kent threatened any bank official to NOT FILE ANYTHING.

    Kent was illicitly and illegally charged and prosecuted and convicted, and I want those false charges overturned.

    (End quote.)

  13. In this morning's broadcast from Kent Hovind he again refers to Ernie Land as "the church trustee".

    It would be appropriate, therefore, to call Ernie Land to account for Kent's claim, find out if Ernie Land agrees and his justification for such a characterization of his role in these matters, if there be a justification.


  14. Important admissions from Kent's second broadcast today!

    (Edited for accuracy and relevance by Robert Baty)

    It's a typical rabbit trail, political,
    divert the attention, you know.

    You ask me or my people a question and
    we go off on something else because we
    won't answer the question.

    The fact is I (Kent Hovind) lie about my
    legal issues (and various other things).

    - Kent Hovind
    - March 2, 2016


  15. Kent Hovind mentions me again this morning, but it isn't to indicate he is ready to come out and talk.

    Kowardly Kent's reference to me can be found in the time marked link below:

    1. Corrected Link (it's around the 31:15 mark):

  16. Why hasn't Kent Hovind told his YouTube audience as much about his "March Surprise" as he told his Russian audience in Shakopee, MN??

    By my count, Kent has posted 8 videos to his YouTube channel since performing in Shakopee and in all of those he references his legal matters, without providing any of the important details about his "March Surprise" that he revealed to his Shakopee audience.

    We wait!

  17. Kent's live streaming channel from Pennsylvania today:

    Just now Kent has started in on his "March Surprise"; about 11:50 ET.

    He mentions someone in Australia and the claim that in prosecuting him the feds broke multiple laws.

    He is now calling for 10,000 people to write letters to someone/somewhere to be announced and he claims they will overturn his convictions from 2006 and award him millions in damages.

    He refers folks to for the announcement to be made later this month.

    He complains about how many churches won't have him because he is a convicted felon.

    Shortly thereafter his first session ended with his host agreeing that Kent is not a felon. He instructs the audience to make checks out to the local church and then they will make out one church to "Kent's ministry".

  18. Today Kent Hovind announced that his "Surprise" might not be sprung until the first week of April!

  19. Either Kent is so stupid that even after 9 years in prison he still doesn't understand the nature of the offence of structuring or he is lying. I, for one, don't think that Kent can be that stupid. But then, of course, he is a Young Earth Creationist so who knows?