Saturday, November 7, 2015

Where Is Kent Hovind Now?

Although I have sporadically been following Kent Hovind's website and also Rudy Davis's Lonestar1776 and 1776Lonestar, I have stuck with my decision to consider the sentencing of Paul John Hansen in August the end of L'affaire Kent Hovind..  Bob Baty, however has kept up his coverage. Kent's continuing protestations of innocence seem to really aggravate my number one commenter and bane of the basketball ministers.  So I asked him for an update and here is what he sent me.


Kent Hovind, world-famous young-earth creation-science promoter, Baptist preacher, and sovereign citizen, was released from federal prison in July 2015, completed a few weeks of home confinement, and has since been serving out a 3 year period of supervised release.  

Kent had been incarcerated since 2006 for employment tax crimes, structuring crimes, and obstruction. In addition to those crimes and the liabilities stemming from them, Kent was later determined to be liable for personal income taxes and penalties (including the monetary FRAUD penalty) in excess of $3,000,000.00; not including statutory interest which multiplies that liability.

Kent's probation officer appears to be a really nice fellow because Kent has been allowed to travel freely within the United States and revive his business that was the source of his legal problems.

In FaceBook and YouTube promotions, Kent has indicated that he hopes to be able to perform far and wide on a weekly basis; anything to get out of the house he claims to still share with his wife whom he sent to prison for a year (about 9 months after "good time") as part of his effort to avoid having to admit guilt.  Kent seems to have taken on a young man ("Theodore") from Arizona, who is a technical geek of sorts, to travel with him and otherwise handle the technical aspects of his developing Internet business.

In almost all of Kent's public performances and YouTube videos he claims to "maintain his integrity" by continuing to deny his guilt and claim that he did not commit any crimes such as was charged.

Kent has further pledged to spend the rest of his life fighting to overturn his 2006 convictions and has, allegedly, begun that process through clandestine sovereign citizen common law court of record efforts in Pensacola and possibly more legitimate habeas corpus filings in federal district court.

In recent days, Kent claims to have been contacted by a "Texas legal researcher" by the name of Brady Byrum who has told Kent that his prosecution was greatly flawed and that he will provide Kent with the details of just how bad it was and how easy it should be to get his 2006 conviction overturned and collect millions in damages for false imprisonment (which may be enough to cover his outstanding personal liabilities to the feds).

In addition to denying his guilt, Kent in a recent performance claimed that "it is not a crime to structure".

I have for quite some time tried to get Kent Hovind to come out to me and work to produce a debate regarding his legal problems so that we might resolve some of the simpler, factual matters which I claim Kent is, I claim, falsely representing.

Kent refuses to work with me on producing such an event and his people have run interference for him as a cover.

My personal challenge to Kent Hovind remains outstanding for such a time as he might repent and be willing to publicly address his legal problems, with the "specificity" he desires and on issues of mutual interest (i.e., subjects he has raised and on which I have challenged his position).

In recent performances, Kent has indicated, in my opinion, that he wants to be left alone to return to his business of preaching about dinosaurs.  To his theological detractors, he tells them to go and find something to do and do and leave him alone (i.e., his new geocentric and flat earth opposition who want him to convert appear to really bug him).  To his legal distractor (i.e., Robert Baty), he refuses to discuss his problems in preference for his controlled use of the Internet to promote his "false legal narrative", raise money for his "legal defense", and spend the rest of his life raising money thereby and filing stuff as if he thought he could actually be allowed to buy guns again (i.e., have his felony convictions overturned and collect millions in damages).

There is so much history to the story, and so much that may yet be worthy of the telling.

For now, though, it appears that Kent is resigned to being an itinerant, young-earth, sovereign citizen, Baptist preacher and convicted felon that is exploiting his followers to finance his grand schemes and lesser schemes.  Kent reportedly already has gotten his new Suzuki Bergman 650 and has been hinting that he wants his people to buy him a new vehicle to use for his travels (i.e., a van or motorhome).  He also claims to be looking for 1,000 acres or so of real estate to build a new and improved Dinosaur Adventure Land Park/Camp when the big bucks start rolling in (maybe they already have).

Not bad for an old retired guy like Kent; he does now claim to be retired.

For some, it is a story to watch.
For some, not so much.


A Kent Hovind Bob Baty debate would be interesting.  I'm afraid that Bob would not be able to stand up to Kent giving him the old Gish Gallop, but I may be underrating him  I didn't debate Hovind.  It was more of the one interview he did that was not entirely softballs.  So you can check out how I did,

Peter J Reilly hopes to become the first tax blogger to give up his day job.  Guest posts are a big help so consider sending one in.


  1. Robert is responsible for keeping me in the loop about what's going on in the world of Kent Hovind as well. :D

    Philip Rose A.K.A. TheTruePooka

  2. Since penning that update about Kent Hovind, he has made what is perhaps his biggest appearance on a radio show since getting out of prison.

    That was earlier this week on the American Family Association's American Family Radio program Focal Point hosted by Bryan Fischer.

    In that show Kent again, as is his practice, spent a considerable amount of time promoting his false legal narrative.

    I have since talked personally, by phone, to Bryan Fischer, and he said he would consider having a followup show with me on as a guest to explain the rebuttal to Kent's false legal narrative.

    He may, if he decides to have that show, invite Kent to take part.

    Stay tuned for details, and if you think it would be a profitable show to air, let Bryan Fischer, American Family Radio, and the American Family Association know. They are easy to find on the Internet and FaceBook.

  3. Kent is performing live in Columbus, OH this weekend and it's on the Internet at:

    Coach Daubenmire introduces Kent in the context of Kent's being called to account for his criminal activity was persecution reflective of such persecution as Kent claims will usher in the millenial reign of Christ.

    Check it out if you have time.

  4. I just noticed that Daubenmire introduces the second session in the context of Kent's legal problems and tells Kent to talk about it.

    And so Kent starts his false legal narrative at about the 01:16:15 mark at:

  5. Are Kent and his people being deceptive regarding his announced appearance Tuesday, November 10, 2015 at Thomas Worthington HIgh School?

    Maybe we will learn more of that.
    Maybe not.

    Session #2

    Dave Daubenmire says about Kent Hovind in introducing
    him for the second session which started about 12:00
    noon CST, Saturday, November 7, 2015:

    "On Tuesday morning we were lucky enough to sneak
    him into Thomas Worthington High School where he
    is going to speak to about 150 seniors at Thomas
    Worthington High School and I imagine he is going
    to turn that place upside down."

    - Dave Daubenmire
    - Salt and Light Ministries
    - Minutemen United

    Thomas Worthington High School

    Is it a school event, or just another case of Kent's people trying to use public facilities to make it look like the school is endorsing Kent's appearance; or something else?

  6. So...This Theodore is Kent Hovind's new Valentine?

  7. Kent Hovind
    Columbus, OH
    Saturday, November 7, 2015
    Session #2

    At about 02:09:25 mark Kent begins talking about structuring.

    He again presents his false legal narrative and proposes:

    1. Repeal that stupid law.
    2. Pay the damages.
    3. Prisons should not exist at all.
    4. Fine 'em, beat 'em, execute 'em.

    Kent, I am waiting for you to come out into the light and discuss what I declare to be your lies regarding your legal problems.

  8. Some of the propositions that Kent Hovind does not want to discuss with me, Robert Baty:


    Kent Hovind's 2006 indictment for
    employment tax crimes,
    structuring crimes, and
    is seriously flawed and fraudulent.

    - Kent Hovind: Affirm
    - Robert Baty: Deny


    Structuring requires two or more transactions
    of $10,000 or less on the same day that total
    more than $10,000.

    - Kent Hovind: Affirm
    - Robert Baty: Deny


    Withdrawing $10,000 or less in a single transaction
    with the intent to evade bank reporting requirements
    is a violation of the law and regulations and was at
    the time of the Hovind withdrawals in question and
    was the legal standard used to convict Kent Hovind
    of “structuring”.

    - Robert Baty: Affirm
    - Kent Hovind: Deny


    At the sentencing of Kent Hovind in 2007, Judge
    Margaret Casey Rodgers explicitly stated that
    Kent was "worse than a rapist" and/or his crimes
    were "worse than rape" and the statement is not
    recorded in the official court transcript of that

    - Kent Hovind: Affirm
    - Robert Baty: Deny


    It is not a crime to "structure".

    - Kent Hovind; Affirm
    - Robert Baty: Deny


    From: Bryan Fischer / American Family Radio
    To: Robert Baty
    Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2015 05:26:56 +0000

    Subject: Re: A summary of where Kent and I are at!


    I've decided that all I will do is pass on to my listening
    audience some of the information you shared with me
    so they'll know there is another side to Kent's version
    of events.

    I appreciate the time you've spent corresponding with
    me on this - it's been helpful.

    Is there a website or a Facebook page I could recommend
    to folks if they ask?



  10. Dave Daubenmire announced at a Hovind performance last weekend that Hovind would be performing at Thomas Worthington High School in Worthington, OH tomorrow. Otherwise Hovind seems to be keeping the reported performance under wraps.

    The Friendly Atheist posted an article on the matter at:

    In response to numerous requests for more information, the school principal has been responding with the following statement; indicating Hovind will be an object lesson in weird beliefs for a special class of seniors and it is not scheduled to be what Daubenmire suggested in his announcement.

    Regarding Kent Hovind's Appearance at Worthington H.S. on 11/10/15!

    From: Jim Gaskill
    To: Robert Baty
    Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2015 19:13:54 -0500

    Subject: Re: Kent Hovind Appearance @ Thomas Worthington HS

    Hello -

    In Worthington Schools we are proud that for decades our senior students have been able to take the elective class:

    Grades: 12
    1 Semester
    Prerequisite: None
    .50 Credit
    Graded: Conventional or pass/fail

    American Political Thought and Radicalism analyzes various groups and organizations from the extreme right to the far left of the political spectrum. It studies political and social movements, the 1960’s, dissent and protest, radical thought alienation of individuals and groups, the social historical context of radical movements, and the political labeling process. Present day interest groups representing the extremes of the political spectrum are invited to speak to and interact with this course.

    Only students who are enrolled in the class will spend any time with the speakers. All students in this class have permission from their parents to be in the class and we believe that it is important that students experience this type of extreme information in a safe environment where they are safe to question the speakers, etc.. We have a long history of bringing in speakers from across the political spectrum. Unfortunately while we believe this is part of what education is about often our speakers create controversy:



    Jim Gaskill
    TWHS Principal
    300 West Dublin-Granville Road
    Worthington, OH 43085


  11. Kent Hovind v. Robert Baty

    Subject: Kent Hovind's Legal Problems


    Some time ago I managed to cross paths on the Internet with a young man who happened to share a certain interest in things Kent Hovind, with a special interest in his science claims.

    He made some YouTube videos dealing with his special interests in that area and he happened to show some interest in the false legal narrative which Kent Hovind has been promoting via his highly controlled media outlets and social media venues; what some refer to as Kent's "echo chamber".

    Kent has had an outstanding challenge from me for some time to produce a one-on-one discussion of the fundamental issues involving his legal matters and what I consider his false claims related thereto.

    Kent Hovind has yet to come out to me with the intent to produce such an event, or to send out his champion to do it for him.

    Earlier today, November 11, 2015, it happened to be mentioned by Kent on one of his videos that he and Dave Daubenmire have produced a video which centers on Kent's legal matters and which will be broadcast at any time.

    It seems my Internet associate has just now completed his own video which deals specifically with Kent's legal issues to some extent; as referenced below.

    So, if Kent broadcasts his, and there are substantive differences between the two videos regarding the legal matters, perhaps it will be yet another catalyst that will compel Kent to come out to me or send out his champion to go one-on-one and see if we can come to some agreement as to the facts of the matters.




    That's what it sounds like to me. Kent described his intended strategy while recently performing in Scranton, PA. I have transcribed the relevant portion of the audio which has now been posted on the Internet.

    Kent, I take your latest gimmick to be an implicit admission that you have been lying about your case as I have charged and that you are not man enough to face me and discuss the "specifics" of your legal narrative which I claim is false. Further, I claim your representation about your case, via your Texas wizard, about structuring not being possible in your case for the reasons stated below is also false.

    Come out, Kent, come out!
    We have things to talk about!

    Complete archive:

    Part 8

    Beginning about the 44:00 mark Kent states:

    "I did not break any laws at all."

    "I think the real lawbreakers ought
    to be brought to justice."

    "And I'm hoping that happens."

    "By the way, I talked to the guy in
    Texas last night who is doing all the

    "You can't do structuring on a bank
    account that was open before 1999."

    "It's grandfathered in."

    "That bank account was opened in

    "We're still working to get the original
    case overturned."

    "Now he said, Kent, what you are going
    to want to do is get at least 2,000 and
    preferably 20,000 affidavits from people
    to say we want you to look at this case.
    We demand this case be looked at and

    "So, when we are ready, probably
    January or February, I am going to put
    a note up on YouTube and I am going to
    say, Folks, go here to download the
    document of how your affadavit should
    be worded, roughly, change it if you like
    for your own personal purposes, sign
    your name and send it in to this address."

    "If we get, I prefer getting 50,000
    signatures saying we demand you look
    at this case; if they overturn the 2006
    conviction, they gotta pay back everything
    they did, and give me a million dollars
    a year for false incarceration."

    -- Kent Hovind