Monday, May 18, 2015

Documentary Maker Seeks Interviews With Hovind Supporters

Jonathan Schwartz of Interlock Media is in Pensacola covering the court proceedings in the case of Kent Hovind.  He is also documenting the views of Hovindicators - Kent's supporters who have been waging a vigorous social media campaign on his behalf.

Jonathan is inviting Hovind supporters to come to the Hilton Beach Hotel  in Pensacola (12 Via De Luna Drive) this evening May 18th, 2015 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.  You can just show up, but feel free to contact Steven Gray - 850-733-8913.


Here is Kent Hovind's first call to Rudy Davis after this morning's proceedings.


  1. Peter Reilly, best friends with IRS attorney Robert Baty and the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a militant atheist group who work with the IRS to target Christians, found guilty of slandering Pastor Hovind on purpose and admit to slandering him on purpose, trying to compare Pastor Hovind to someone who murdered an abortionist and now this goofball who looks like a retard when he speaks is outright declaring Pastor Hovind is "guilty" with out the Judge's final say - who are you people? ... Something smells fishy here...

    I think there needs to be an investigation as to who this Peter Reilly/Baty IRS Atheist team is and does their slander mean anything? Could they be sued? Is it treasonous?

    1. Spoken like a true Hovindicator -- angry, irrational, and ignorant. If Kent wasn't actively encouraging idiots like you to speak up for him, I'd almost feel sorry for him. Almost.

    2. Mike,

      It is refreshing to see how others are able to so easily draw such reasonable conclusions.

      As for me, I thought the Cult of Hovind was already on my case, and Peter's, and had almost finished their investigation.

      Does this mean the wait is going to be even longer.

      Will any of the anonymous cowards ever dare to let me face my accuser(s) and deal with them in an appropriate fashion.

      We could start with simple stuff, like why do they keep referring to me as an "IRS attorney", and what is behind their claim that I was accessing IRS computers and disclosing, illegally, personal information about folks?

    3. Let them dream. Their dreams will be dashed, of course and that will be what's known as "natural consequences". They can't of course, slander you because they have no credibility. No rational person would believe them. The courts require a source who's on the surface credible with at least facially believable claims. They're not and they have nothing. But I'm sure you have your own counsel in that regard, I just want to scoff at the Hovindicators for the whole silly set of claims.

  2. ROFL! The Hovindicators aren't crazy...they're insane!