Sunday, January 11, 2015

Kent Hovind Update

Kent Hovind has quite a social media campaign going on as we approach his February 9, 2015 trial for mail fraud.  I will be covering it tomorrow (January 12 and 13) on  In the meantime I have asked Bob Baty who has follows the Hovind developments on facebook to provide me with some links to current Hovind material.  Bob has also included something of a list of items that he things Kent does not address very well in the interviews.

I get the idea that I have a very limited view of what is really going on with Kent and the people that are supporting him, but here are some of the links I come up with and my comments on the video.  It was hastily put together.  If I think of more I will try to send it. Sorry there is not more details.  I'm spread a little thin and am not particularly efficient regarding such things.  I am expecting any day now to be left in the dust as new developments seem to be multiplying faster than I can keep up with them.

Ernie Land:

Steven Anderson

Rudy Davis/LoneStar1776

"Gea Ambrosia"/Club Creation

Jerry Rose

Dan & Sam: God's Property Radio

Jacob Kachelhofer/Kent Hovind: Political Prisoner


Free Kent Courthouse Prayer Rally

Laura Beth Breaker/Kent's "secretary"
Robert R. Breaker/Laura Beth's husband

Regarding the video you referenced, Peter, I have the following comments which I thought of as I was listening to it again.

Video Link:


1. Kent wants to talk about anything but the merits of the case against him.
2. Kent refuses to take personal responsibility.
3. Kent claims he did nothing wrong; according to him, of course.
4. Kent complains about what he thinks was done wrong with his case, not what he did wrong.
5. Ha, ha!  Kent just wants his damages and to be let go.
6. Kent claims God is going to work it all out; God has been doing that, and Kent keeps defying God.
7. Kent, I showed you and your people what you did wrong; you refuse to deal with it.
8. Kent continues his lame attempt to set up his "Cheek Defense".
9. Kent is trying to mobilize his "sovereign" constituency to bug Government folks.
10. The prior charges and current charges are most reasonable in light of Kent's conduct.
11. Kent is preaching to his choir while refusing to meet and deal with any informed interviewer.
12. No Kent, your paper shuffle did not change your proprietorship into any other business form.
13. Yes, Kent, calling employees contractors does not make them contractors.
14. Kent, you continue to lay off your actions on others.  Accept responsibility like a man, and repent.
15. Kent, at this point, it seems appropriate to say you are lying about the structuring issue.
16. 6 years Kent, and you never got around to publishing the trial transcript you got.
17. Kent, Kent, Kent, you would not, yet, confess the wrong you have been doing for decades.
18. Kent, you did break laws, various laws; you been doing it for decades.
19. Kent, you are, indeed, a tax protestor.
20. Kent, you are part of that crowd, and the sovereign citizen movement as well.
21. Kent, tell us again why you never got around to publishing your trial transcript.
22. Kent, you didn't live in a church parsonage, drive a church van.
23. Kent, you lie when you claim you didn't own anything, and deny having income.
24. Kent, you and your people do, in fact, "glory" in the suicide of one of the prosecuting attorneys.
25. Kent, why don't you tell what you really know about the "whole truth" about filing of the lis pendens?
26. Kent, your narcissism is showing; it's all about you wanting attention!
27. Kent, why not provide the actual prayer text that was treated as threatening?
28. Kent, why not explain the obstruction charge involved so much more than that prayer?
29. Kent, I know what I am talking about, I've heard the other side; you are guilty as charged, and worse.

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